What to Look out for When Buying a Peanut butter making machine


A peanut butter-making machine makes peanut butter from various nuts, such as ground nuts and almonds.

This article will focus on what you look for when purchasing a peanut butter-making machine. Check out the below specs before acquiring a peanut butter-making machine.

Title; Secrets you will want to know about peanut butter-making machines.

There are different kinds of peanut butter-making machines in the market. Some devices have blades that chop nuts and make them into a paste. You can use some for domestic use, while you can use some for commercial purposes. Also, there are peanut butter-making machines that can produce peanut butter at home and commercially. These machines enable one to make almond butter, cashew nut butter, and groundnut butter.

The process of making peanut butter at home can be cheaper than buying ready-made butter from grocery stores. It is even healthier because there are no additional preservatives. Otherwise, purchasing this machine can also be a job opener for those in need of one. Peanut butter consumption has risen in Kenya; hence it will be a good business opportunity. However, before making your purchase, the following factors will help you:

The power of the Motor

The Motor on the peanut butter-making machine will dictate the outcome of the peanut butter. A peanut butter-making machine with a powerful motor will equal well-refined peanut butter. An ideal peanut butter-making machine ranges from 400-600 watts.


When looking for a peanut butter-making machine, choose one according to your needs. You should consider the capacity you are going to require in the production of peanut butter. Typically, the capacity of the peanut butter-making machine ranges from 100 – 2000kg per hour.

It is better to choose machines with a larger capacity to avoid the tiring work of making peanut butter every day. Also, it saves time and energy. Look for the correct jar size to generate butter in the right amount.

All these also depend on the purpose of use. If you are thinking of starting a business in making peanut butter, go for a higher capacity peanut butter-making machine according to your capital. Also, note that the peanut butter making machine price in Kenya depends on the capacity. Higher capacity equals a higher price.

Power consumption

Different models of peanut butter-making machines run on 1 phase or 3 phase power. The power supply also ranges from 110v/ 60Hz, 220v/60 Hz, and 220v/50Hz

Type of machine

There are two types of peanut butter-making machines: semi-automated and completely automatic.

An utterly automatic peanut butter-making machine produces high-quality peanut butter because of its various functions. It is also durable and efficient. It doesn’t make noise during operation, and it is also simple and convenient to use.

The semi-automated peanut butter machines require some procedures to be done manually by the device; hence they are not effective as the completely automatic peanut butter-making machines.

However, the peanut butter-making machine prices have become fare in Kenya. You can get the best quality peanut butter-making machine at an affordable price.


You can start producing your own tasty and hygienically made peanut butter at home. The peanut butter-making machine has become one piece of equipment essential in our kitchen. We consume peanut butter almost daily as a whole, or we use it to enhance our dishes at home. Ensure that you select the best peanut butter-making machine after considering the above factors.

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