What to Look for in an Expert Metrology Dealer


Coordinate measuring machines (CMM machines) may be stalwarts of automation, but they don’t take care of themselves. Whether you’re buying a new CMM machine or you need an old one serviced, it’s important to speak to the people who have attended to them for years.

CMM machines play a crucial role on the production line, and they need to be cared for properly. Let’s take a closer look at what separates the best metrology dealers from the rest.

Huge Selection of New Machines

CMM machines may function very differently from each other, and the nature of the goods your factory produces will dictate what type you need. Industry specialists like Cmmxyz.com offer a vast selection of machines, from Bridge, Gantry, Vision and Multisensor systems, and more.

The best metrology dealers can give you expert advice and consultations about the machines themselves and the software.

Used Equipment with Important Guarantees

Buying a used CMM machine is a great way to get difference-making equipment for a low price, but you need to ensure it is protected by guarantees. Ideally, the metrology expert upholds the MDNA’s code of ethics, ensuring you get accurate information about the product before the purchase is complete.

They should also guarantee that the equipment will work to specifications right from the time it hits the shop floor, or they’ll fix it at no cost. You won’t find this type of assurance if you purchase a CMM machine from an auction or from an independent seller.

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Some of the best dealerships for new CMM machines also sell used equipment.

Measurement Services

Not every factory needs a CMM machine on a permanent basis. It doesn’t matter what sized parts need to be measured or what industry you’re in — the best dealers offer custom and comprehensive measuring solutions.

If you’re submitting parts to their facility to be measured, ensure their lab is ISO 17025 accredited and offers Ultra High accuracy measurement to less than 5µm, high-speed scanning, reverse engineering and more. If you need on-site measurement solutions, they should be able to handle that with the same amount of accuracy.

Calibration and Service

CMM machines need to be precise and produce repeatable results. Otherwise, they’re not fit to perform Quality Control. This equipment needs to be installed by an expert because even factors such as room temperature can impact its performance.

Whether your machine is brand new or it’s time for maintenance or repairs, the best CMM machine dealers usually provide the best repairs and calibrations. Their technicians are the most experienced, and they’ll stand by their work.

CMM machines will give your factory a much-needed boost of automation, but only if you have the right machine in place and it’s working the way it should. Getting it for a great price will also make this efficient machine deliver even better value. Keep the above tips in mind, and you’ll connect with a metrology dealership that’ll make a difference.

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