What To Expect In Physiotherapy Singapore Sessions


Physiotherapy Singapore treatment aims to remedy poses and movements which lead to injury or damage to the body.

If you have experienced an injury such as a tendon sprain or muscular tissue pressure, the physio treatment increases the body’s normal recovery process and will accelerate the healing of a strong cells repair work. Restoring muscle mass control and vigor is constantly an emphasis of treatment since it will reduce the recurrence of signs.

What takes place in a physiotherapy session

The very first session will start with the physio therapist assessing the nature and level of a person’s troubles; this might involve exam and observation. The patient may be asked to walk and execute some workouts so that the physiotherapist can identify the problems and work out a suitable treatment strategy. Throughout the very first session the physio therapist will likewise ask questions connecting to the individual’s general health and wellness in order to identify any kind of pre-existing conditions. The physio therapist will likewise wish to know details of any type of allergic reactions or phobias which might modify the treatment techniques they use.

The physio therapist will normally suggest a range of appropriate exercises and stretches to perform at home so as to speed up the healing procedure. They might additionally provide sensible advice regarding a patient’s diet regimen and lifestyle.

Quantity of visits

The number of physiotherapy therapies that you require as well as the regularity will be figured out by your medical professional and validated by the physiotherapist. Seeing a physiotherapist consistently throughout recovery is important to the performance of the therapy, yet it can vary significantly. Some patients just need to see a physio once a week for 4 weeks, whereas other individuals could need to see a physio three times a week for six weeks. Regardless, there is an objective that your therapist is trying to accomplish for your advantage, so it is important to comply.

Types of physio treatments

Your body is not the same as everyone else’s body. While you might have comparable motions to others, when you endure a wound, the therapy may look nothing alike. That is since physiotherapy tweaks your individual requirements so as to make an effective therapy plan for you.

There are several different physiotherapy strategies that are used during treatment. While the combination is not the same for every person, these are the most usual strategies that are made use of.


While you may be believing that you can ice in the house, lots of physio visits finish by icing the location that was worked on. This is to help in reducing any kind of inflammation that may have come up during your session. You typically ought to ice a hurt spot for 15 minutes, but when your physiotherapist is doing it in-office, you require to follow the time that is determined by the specialist.


Ultrasound machine is one more technique that is frequently utilized to help with physical rehabilitation therapy. Ultrasound supplies a deep heating effect explicitly into muscle mass and soft tissues. Heating hurt regions up improves blood circulation and can promote great healing.

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