What To Do When Your Child Can’t Sleep?


Sleeping problems are quite common in today’s society. A lot of adults struggle with falling asleep or sleeping through the night. But sleeping problems aren’t only a problem among adults. A lot of children struggle with this too. But where do these sleeping problems come from and what can we, as parents, do when our child can’t sleep? From getting the right mattress for kids to talking through the day: these tips will certainly help.

Sleeping problems

To start the day refreshed and recharged, we need to have a good night’s sleep. Adults need roughly about 8 hours of sleep, but children need 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t reach this number daily.

Among adults, problems with falling asleep are very common. Factors like drinking a lot of coffee during the day, overstimulation, and too much blue light can mess up our sleeping patterns. But also stress, an irregular sleeping pattern, and worries can keep a person up at night. This goes the same for kids. Well, most kids won’t be drinking coffee, but they can still experience stress, overstimulation, and an irregular sleeping pattern.

Help your child to go to sleep

If your child is experiencing sleeping problems, you are probably desperate for any help. Luckily, there is a lot that you can do as a parent to soothe your child and improve sleep. If your child has difficulty with falling asleep, make sure to try the next tips why not try this out.

Create a nighttime ritual

Falling asleep doesn’t just happen. The body and the mind need to get prepared for it. By using a nighttime ritual, and repeating it daily, you let the body know that it’s time for bed. A good nighttime ritual can consist of a shower or bath, brushing teeth, and reading a bedtime story together while lying down on the bunk bed mattress. It will make falling asleep a lot easier.

Set boundaries

Some kids refuse to go to sleep because they don’t want to be separated from the family or their activities. In this case, it is important to set boundaries. Crying, temper tantrums, and getting out of bed aren’t allowed and should not be effective for getting their way.

Talk through the day

Even kids experience stress and anxiety and that is why it is always important to talk to them. To let them process the events of the day, you can make it a habit to talk through the day before going to bed. This way they won’t have any unresolved issues that will keep them up. It’s something that we as adults could do more as well.

Create a good sleeping environment

To fall asleep peacefully, you need a healthy and good sleeping environment. A messy room can be a distraction and so can noises or lights from outside the room. Make sure that the room is dark and provide the child with a nightlight if he or she is scared of the dark. Also, consider buying a new twin mattress for kids if the current one isn’t comfortable enough. A mattress is extremely important for rest and support. Check regularly if the bunk bed mattress, or any other mattress for the kids, is still providing enough support and comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Set up regular sleep and wake times

To create a healthy sleep rhythm, you need to set up regular sleep and wake times. By setting a certain time, the body and mind can prepare themselves for sleep. If you repeat this often enough, the body will know what is coming. Falling asleep will be a piece of cake after that. And the best thing is that it works for both kids and adults!

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