What to do to speed up digestion? Follow these 11 ways


It’s essential to understand the digestive process first to speed up the digestion. A good digestive system breaks down food into nutrients, making it easier for the body to absorb in bones, joints, brain and blood vessels. Whatever happens to your body is because of the food only and here we will share some ways to speed up the digestion system. Everybody responds differently for digestion of food, and it takes maximum 10 hours to 72 hours for complete digestion. Did you ever notice this before? Take a look and get to know about those involved in speeding up the digestion system.

Regular exercising

It doesn’t matter how challenging a routine you people have, everyone needs to incorporate physical activities to reduce other diseases. Exercise regularly because it keeps your body in moving and food quickly moves into your digestive system. People who have constipation issues are required 30 minutes’ walk and 11 minutes home exercises to improve the digestion and relieving symptoms. Exercise always comes first to control weight. Just take out some time for exercise and see effective results.

Say no to fast food

People facing issues in the digestive system need to say no to fast food because it causes constipation issues and won’t provide any health benefits to the body. Always add almonds, chia seeds, olive oil and fish for health benefits to the body. Try to reduce fast-food consumption to improve the digestion system, and if you are consuming alcohol, it will make your health condition worse. Alcohol drinks along fast food is a big no for your digestive system. You must be thinking about why fast food is not allowed?  As per doctors research, oily foods cause constipation because they contain heavy fats and take longer to digest. 

Keep yourself hydrated

Water intake is essential for better digestion. Higher fluid intake won’t cause constipation in adults and children. Make sure you people have 3-4 litres water in a day. Don’t prefer soda drinks in the replacement of water because you won’t get any results. People who have been into drugs such as opiates, alcohol or any other for so long they also feel dehydrated. Always include fresh veggies and fruits in your diet. Maximum fluid intake improves the digestive system and speeds up the digestion.

Stay away from stress

The low digestive system is because of stress issues, so try to keep yourself away from stress. Have you ever felt tummy ache because of stress? It usually happens to everyone. Chronic stress can have a more prolonged impact on digestive health, and it makes the digestion slower. Most people overeat in stress, and their appetite gets increased. It also causes various types of stomach issues, along with stomach aches. Huge stress causes irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Don’t do overeating

Overeating always disturbs the digestive system, so don’t overeat because your digestive system would slow down the digestion process. Slow digestion is pretty normal, but eating small portions can speed up the digestive process. Ensure you people are eating a maximum of five to six small meals and never indulge in too much snacking. You can have snacks but don’t overconsumption. Keeps your meals smaller in portion rather than overeating. 

Give your sleep a priority

Proper sleeping habits can do wonders for your health, and it improves the digestion and bowel movements, but improper sleeping pattern ruins the digestion and increases abdominal pain. Do you know poor sleep causes gastrointestinal diseases? It’s highly recommended to improve sleeping patterns for good digestion. Lifestyle changings is also required to get rid of all types of digestive orders.

Chewing food properly

Digestive process starts from the mouth and salivary enzymes break down the food particles and penetrate into the digestive system. Chew your food properly to let all nutrients in the body keep you away from overeating as well. It improves the digestive system. Eating too fast always affects your health, so improve indigestion.

Take supplements

Supplements always help to digest food faster. Get the doctors’ help what he recommends to you because supplements give major support to the digestive system. You people can improve your lifestyle by consuming yoghurt, grains and eating other healthy foods. It would decrease the bloating gas and IBS symptoms. 

Increase the intake of fibre

Fibre rich food can also help you out for an excellent digestive system. Increase the intake of fibre such as grains, leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits. It should be added to your routine because it relieves in bloating and cramps. Make sure you people have increased fiber intake to get rid of these symptoms. Take carrots, citrus fruits, strawberries, peas, avocados, beans, oats which is rich in soluble fibre. 

Eat less meat

Do you know animal products always slow down the digestive system process? Meat milk, cheese and white sugar slow down the digestion. Don’t get your hands always on meat. Keep it to a minimum. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Bring healthy lifestyle changing

If you people don’t want to face constipation and stomach discomfort, then change lifestyle because low lifestyle is always the reason behind slow digestion. Get to know first what is included in your lifestyle, making digestion worse. Switch to healthy routines to get actual benefits and for this get to start from the smaller and easiest things so it shouldn’t be a burden for you in the start. A healthier lifestyle is essential always.

These are the things that we need to do for improving the digestive system. Take the help of your doctor to get rid of these symptoms. If you are unable to understand what is going on then professional healthcare advice is essential. They would suggest a healthy routine along do’s and don’ts. Follow everything strictly and then see the effective results but first take out some time and figure out why severe health issues cause severe health issues.

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