What to do in Tulum?


Tulum, one of themostoutstanding and magnificentcitiesonthecoast of Mexico, thiscityissituated in theYucatanPeninsula, whereyou can discoverplenty of touristic spots and Mayan history as well, nottonameitsbeautifulbeaches and natural wonders, which are one of themost notable and mostimportant in thezone.

Thisincrediblecitycountswithone of themostwellpreserved natural stonestructures in thewholeregion, italso has ancientruins, anancient Mayan harbor, crystalclearbeaches and a gorgeousnationalpark, hereyouwon’tgetboredor lose yourselffrom a viewthat can leaveyoucaptivated.

Herewewilllistthe 15 bestthingsto do and visitwhile in Tulum so you can reallyenjoyyourstay and triptothefullest.

Butbeforewecontinue, don’tforgetthat Tulum islocated 130 km fromCancuncity and one of thebestwaystogetto Tulum fromCancunAirportorfromdowntownCancuniswiththeCancunPrivate Transfer service.

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Thekaanluumlagoonis a veryimportant spot tovisit in theCaribbeancity of Tulum, itis a largewatersinkholesurroundedamongnature and wildlife, surroundedspecificallybythejungle and local fauna. Thisis a fantastic place torest and relax and distractyourselffromthecitylife.

Mayan Ruins of Tulum

The Mayan Ruins of Tulum are widelyconsidered as one of thecity’ mostmagical and unforgettable places, toget a deeper look at the Mayan Ruins of Tulum westronglysuggestyoutovisitthearchaeologicalsiteon a tour, whereyouwill be abletofindthe Castillo del Mar, a wellpreservedstonestructure, whichiswellknown as one of themostimportantarchaeologicalsites in Tulum.

Cenotes Dos Ojos

Thisis a beautiful place, everyonethat has beentothis place has fell in lovewithitthereforewe are prettyconfidentthatyouwilltoo, wesuggestyouto come tothisbeautiful natural cenote accompaniedby a tour or guide to be more secure and toenjoytheexperience, youwilleven be abletosnorkel and enjoy a little bit more of allthatis in thearea.

SacActun Cenotes

These cenotes countwith a widevariety of submarine caves withcristallinewater and greatsubmarinewildlife in whichyouwillhavethe chance todive and to admire these rock formations, in hereyouwill share withotherpeople and a guide in hopes tohavebetterknowledgeaboutthe place.

Great Cenote

Thismight be themostfamous cenote in Tulum and has about 200 miles of length, hereyou can encountergorgeoussubmarinelife and plenty of flora tosee, besideshavingcrystallinewaterwhichmakestheexperience of observingallthesurroundingsmucheasier.

Cenote House

One of thebest cenotes in thearea, locatedabovesome of thebiggestsubmarine caves in thecity, with a hugeamount of wildlife and flora thatwillmakeyoufall in love in lessthan a minute, it has a widespace and a lot of crystallinewaterarounditthatwillleaveyouwantingto come back.

Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum

The Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum has connectionsbetweenthree cenotes, thisgives a betterexperience, which can lastmuchlongerifyougowiththeright guide fortheoccasion. This has twocavernswithinthese cenotes and explore a little more of these, besideshavingan open cenote so it has more transparency and will be a differentexperiencethatyouwillalwaysremember.

Paradise Beach

One of thebestknown and mostbeautifulbeaches in Tulum, itisknowntohavespectacularviews of thearchaeologicalsites and ruinsbecauseitisveryclosetotheselocations, besidesit has crystalclearwater and whitesandtothedelight of thosewho are visiting.

Ziggy Beach

ThisCaribbeanbeach in thecity of Tulum ismuch more commercialthanthosepreviouslymentioned, thisisnotonlybeautifulforthe color of itswaterorthe color of itssand, butitisalsosurroundedbynightclubstohavefunwithfriendsormeet new people, besidesthatthislocationalso has a variety of food places thatwillcheer up themoment and willmakeyouremembertheirfantasticdishes, anotherthingtoknowisthatyou can findseveral pools nearbytocontinuewiththefun.

Tulum Beach

One of thebestratedbeaches and bestqualitybasedonexperiences, thereyou can findturquoisewaters and perfectwhitesandtoenjoyitsbeautifulviews, it has beautifulpalmtreesthatmakeit a much more Caribbean place and also has manyfishingboatsaroundit, whichyou can seewhilethewaves break onthe shore.

Mayan Beach

One of themostbeautiful and uniquebeaches, and wesaythisnotonlyforitsbeautifulclearturquoisewater and softwhitesand, wealsosayitfortheuniqueexperience of having Mayan temples aroundtomarvel at theviews of these, and notonlythatbutwealsohavethe Mayan markets in thelocation, whichwillofferyoucrafts and things of their culture so you can feelpart of it.

Punta Laguna Reserve

This natural reserve called Punta Laguna isgreatifyouwishto try new things, notonlytowalkontheprotectedjunglebutalsotoseethewellpreservedspecies of spider monkeys and howlermonkeys; you can gotothis natural reserve withthehelp of a guide.

Tulum National Park

In Tulum National Park youwillfindarchaeologicalareasto be abletoenjoy and remembertherest of thejourney, in additiontothisyouwillfind Mayan zones in excellentshapewith a naturepathtolearnthehistory of thelocality and its culture.

Tulum Tower

As itsnameindicates, thisis a tower in Tulum to admire theentireMexicanCaribbeancity, whereyou can eat a lot of things, know a littleaboutthehistory and culture and alsotakesomeamazingpicturestorecallsuch a wonderfultripthroughtheregion, youwill be in lovewiththeviews, justbylooking at thesunset and theruinsfromthe top, and youwillfeellikegoingtothis place oftento be distracted a little bit more.

SferIk Tulum

Thisis a verywellknown place forthosewho admire art and wanttolearnmuch more aboutit, wecouldsaythatitis a galleryforitsmarvelousvariety of relevantpieces, besidesthatthebuildingwheretheseworks are locatedisconsideredwithgreatarchitecturalvaluefortheway of itsconstruction and itscoating in glass vibra, thisallowsgreatervisionthroughoutthe place thankstothe natural light.


Tulum has beautifullocations and places whichyouwillfall in lovewith and enjoylikeneverbefore, itissaidthathereyouwillfindthebestbeaches in thecaribbean and eventhebestwildlife in theentireregion, with a variety of optionsforyourentertainment, notonlywillyouhave natural sites, youwillalsofindnightclubs and restaurants toenjoyduringyourvisit, westronglysuggestyou use a shuttleservicesincetheothertransportationserviceswill be verybusyduetothehighdemandtovisitthisbeautiful place in Mexico.

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