What to do if your lawyer is not helping with medical malpractice?


It can be very frustrating and discouraging when you think your lawyer is not doing his/her best job while dealing with your medical malpractice issue. You can take into account these steps if you think that your attorney isn’t helping you.

  • Talk to your lawyer.

One of the common problems client’s face is finding that their lawyer has stopped working on their case. If this is your case, put your best foot forward by getting in touch with your attorney while telling them about your concerns.

  • Requesting your case file

If your lawyer isn’t willing to work on your case diligently, you should always retrieve the case file from your lawyer. You can either request your lawyer to create copies of your documents and transfer them to you or visit the lawyer’s office directly and go through your file there. This case file must include any filings along with all the correspondences. Even if you’ve already fired your lawyer, you can ask them to send copies of your case file. If your lawyer fails to cooperate, you can visit the courthouse to examine the copies of the documents that you have filed concerning your case. Eventually, you can be compelled to sue your attorney for retrieving your case file. You can claim monetary damages if you can prove that you’ve gone through financial troubles because your former lawyer withheld your file even after you asked for it several times. Such damages can encompass:

  • Money incurred for obtaining the case file
  • The financial losses you have incurred for re-drafting the documents that were inside the file.
  • Conduct legal research

Lawyers can come up with strange and irrational arguments with little or no relevance to your case in several cases. If this dictates your situation, you need to visit a legal library. Read a few legal books and do some research on your own to determine whether your lawyer is making sense or not.

  • Try to bring

    in a second pair of eyes.

To understand your situation a little better, while gaining ample shreds of evidence related to your case, you can reach out to the Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys. One of the safest ways to check out whether your lawyer is serving your interests or not can consult the Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys to get an overall insight into your situation. These options won’t cost too much as this process will last only for an hour or two. It would help if you kept in mind that the operational strategies of two different lawyers will never look alike.

  • Try to consider arbitration.

There are several times when conflicts between your lawyer and you can’t be handled without appropriate intervention. If you think you’re going through this situation, you can go through arbitration before heading to court. Arbitration is a process used for settling disputes between you and your lawyer, during the presence of a third party or neutral.

If these things fail to work, you should file a malpractice lawsuit. Take the help of an attorney who will help to prove that your lawyer was negligent.

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