What to do if you are charged with over 80?


Drunken driving is one of the most common traits that we all can see nowadays. The folks have a shot or two and get behind the wheel. You might have found yourself in a similar situation. Now, this whole situation seems to be quite an intriguing one, but this can get serious if a cop pulls you over and is charged with Over 80 Rule. Do you not know what the rule is? Let us have a look.

The Over 80 Rule

The over 80 Rule is implemented in Ontario roads that stateif you are found behind the wheel with 80mg of alcohol within 100ml of your blood concentration, you will be fined with an impaired driving charge. Still not clear? Over 80 means you have had alcohol to a limit that now its traces as far as 80mg can be traced in your blood then you would be fined for this.

Now, the degree to which you can get alcohol traced in your blood depends on your weight. Yup, you heard that right. Your weight and gender play an important role in putting you over the safe limit of alcohol in your blood. For women with a weight of 57kg or less can reach the over 80 Rule limits in just two drinks, while a woman with a weight greater than 60 can reach the limit in three drinks. In the case of men, this is a bit different as men with a weight limit of 68 kg get high in three drinks while men with 80kg weight can get the same in four drinks. The measurements can vary from person to person depending upon their drug tolerance and built.

What to do if you get Charged with over 80?

If you have been charged with over 80, you need to keep your calm. Your whole process starts the moment you were pulled over. Try and remember as many details as possible you can remember during the whole convo with the police officer that stopped you. Now, if he can suspect anything, he will charge you for it, and you might have to visit the court for that.

Now the best thing you can do is write the whole event down as quickly as possible, so you do not forget anything that took place during that whole exchange. Write down even the slightest detail as you can to use it later inthe court. The best thing you can do is to get yourself a drug possession lawyer. Find a drug possession lawyer who knows how to deal with these kinds of situations. He will guide you through the whole legal procedure. The best thing you can do is to take a few steps given below.

  • Get an idea of what option you have at your disposal.
  • Get yourself tested to check the amount of alcohol and use that as evidence.
  • Attend the sessions with your drug possession lawyer in your presence.
  • Try to get the matter sorted legally.

If you get charged with Over 80 Rule, it mightcause a problem in the future, so you might get rid of it as much as possible. Try not to get in trouble, and make sure you do not get drunk and drive. Stay safe, folks!

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