What to do if a cat ate a fly


Situations, where a cat ate a fly, are known to all pet owners. This does not only happen with street or village purrs. Even the cat cats will not deny themselves such pleasure. But why would such an event be so safe for living creatures and what the outcome might be. Of course, many insects can release very dangerous toxins or simply bite.

Why the cat is chasing flies

Find answers to this question by nature. After all, he is the one who instilled in the animals the true skills of hunters, wild animals and fools. This is the most important definition of this technique.

If a cat or cat can catch a fly, it will swallow it. They will thus combine their success and be able to establish themselves.

Even if the animal lives a normal home life, does not go hunting for food and does not have to struggle with its daily life, it will not miss the opportunity to adjust to small flies. The reaction to the moving object is the same for all cats. They immediately begin to flee. Stopping animals at this time is not possible. It is useless to call, shout or even attract attention with her favorite toys. All for nothing. And in a fat, lazy cat there is always a predator that does not stop chasing the flies.

Such a fascination with winged insects often scares animal owners and makes you wonder if this hobby could harm your pet. Before answering this question, it is important to remember that in many parts of the world, not only animals, but humans themselves feed on strange and strange insects.

Cats can eat flies and what they are

If Cats Eating Bugs, then first of all it teaches its hunting skills. It is a call to nature and a form of training. On top of that, a live goal makes cats more fun than bells or rubber mice purchased in professional stores.

For cats, walking is a very important and vital part of life. Only a brave and trained animal can survive in the wild. Animals have no choice but to hone their skills on flies, flies and other insects.

This cat in nature is the representative of the frontal animals. At home, caring owners lovingly surround their animals, feed them valuable food, and avoid the art of craftsmanship. Regular exercise helps cats stay in shape.

It is also important to remember that flies are an important source of protein and chitin, which are important for animal health and growth of teeth, teeth and coat. And the tinous components serve as the basis for the upper valve. The cat will not be able to fully meet the daily needs by catching flies, but a small portion will continue to be made.

Why is my cat playing with flies before it kills them?

Usually, cats do not land on flies and do not kill directly to eat. Instead, he will strike it with enough force to strike it, without killing it, and spend a lot of time shaking it, holding it, and releasing it. This is not a very interesting experience for keepers, but be aware that this is just like normal routines as the chase ends in seconds.

is it dangerous?

The cat hunter was born. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are regularly attracted to insects that catch their prey. Of course, flies, spiders, ants or bugs have a tendency to move fast so it makes any animal want to chase them away, for that there may be a chance of ticks can affect your cats,to cure that ticks we need to know ticks treatment for cats. While some cats simply kill them, others will eat them whole. If this is the case with your cat, you have a right to wonder if the taste of the insect would not make it sick Answer!

Most insects are poisonous

In many cases, eating insects is a natural process that will not harm your cat. Of course, most of the insects we encounter in our homes or gardens are not poisonous to him. So, they will have no problem digesting butterfly, ladybug or any other small animal.

However, caution is still needed. Of course, worms, bees and spiders can have parasites that can harm your cat. Especially stomach cramps. In addition, it is best to monitor your pet’s performance during the next few hours of drinking. So, if you suddenly have trouble breathing, if you have bad breath, if you vomit or if you notice any unusual symptoms, talk to your veterinarian.

Beware of other insects

It goes without saying, but some insects do more harm to your cat than others. This is especially true for bees, bees, bumblebees or even hornets. Of course, if one of these insects were to bite your cat in the mouth, it could be very dangerous for him. Especially if he is allergic to it!

Also, if your cat ate too many insects at once or picked up insects with a hard exoskeleton, such as a beetle, it could be very disruptive to his diet. He may experience abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea. Also, an insect might stick to its throat and cause it to choke.

Some insects, such as bedbugs, can also be extremely irritating because of their predators. If they are poisonous, they are toxic and can cause serious stomach problems to your gut. Lastly, pay attention to the kind of spider that hunts your hair. True, black spider web, mycosis of Narbonne or even Florentine segestry spiders can be found in France and are toxic.

And beware of pesticides and other insect repellents. If poisonous insects were to end up in your cat’s stomach, they could have serious consequences for his health, and even kill him.

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