What To Consider When Setting Up An Inflatable Tent For Outdoor Events?


Setting up an inflatable tent for outdoor events is undoubtedly a great choice to stand out from the competition. After all, inflatables are fun, colorful, and always arouse people’s curiosity. But when setting up your inflatable tent, you need to have some care and strategies to be evident and successful. In today’s post, we’ll give you some tips on what to consider:

1. Type Of Terrain

For the tent like commercial party tents to remain stable, it needs to be set up on terrain that cannot steep. Also, before you inflate it, you need to carefully check the location and avoid placing the tent near places with sharp objects or other elements that could damage it, such as trees and uneven floors. If you can, spread a tarp on the floor if you feel the need.

2. Visibility

The inflatable tent needs to be set up in the best possible location to be seen by everyone present. The more visible, the better. In this sense, it is essential to take great care in customizing the tent – ​​one of its advantages. You can faithfully reproduce your company’s colors or the brand you want to represent and the logo and other adornments that attract attention, such as an inflatable replica. With creativity, the visibility of your inflatable tent is guaranteed!

3. Accessibility And People Flow

It’s no use having an attractive inflatable tent used for commercial party tents if people can’t get to it. So, choose an accessible location and remove all obstacles that hinder the arrival of the public. If your tent has enough space, it’s even worth investing in a lounge to accommodate a certain number of customers and potential customers. Careful service and, depending on your market niche, serve snacks and distribute a gift in appreciation for the presence of people in your inflatable tent. Remember, the more people that pass your inflatable tent, the better. So, keep it very attractive so that it arouses the curiosity of as many people as possible.

4. Competitors

A good strategy to make your business stand out is to keep an eye on your competitors – but that doesn’t mean your inflatable tent has to stay with them. So, when choosing the best location for your tent’s visibility, take this into account. Exclusivity should be your strong point, and this can be done by taking care of the tent itself, the services and products you offer, and the differentiated service. That way, people won’t even be attracted to visit the competing tents.

5. Power Source For The Inflatable Tent

An inflatable tent needs to be plugged into electrical power. So, don’t forget this requirement when choosing an outdoor location to assemble yours. Inflatable tents usually already include the motor fan – which must remain plugged in a while using it. Another great advantage of an inflatable tent is that its assembly and disassembly are simpler than tents made of other materials. They take a few minutes to assemble, saving you a lot of time fully.

Where And How To Use An Inflatable Tent

The inflatable tent is a type of promotional inflatable, which, as the name implies, is a product used to promote your business. One of the characteristics of an inflatable tent is that it can be 100% customized with your brand’s exact colors, logo, and branding. The layout print is done in high resolution and with a non-fading ink.

In addition, the inflatable tent can be used indoors and outdoors for different types of actions. Examples:

  • Promotional actions;
  • traveling POS;
  • In real estate launches;
  • At dealership fairs;
  • In agricultural exhibitions;
  • At the entrance to the establishment;
  • In trade marketing strategies;
  • As a stand for events in general;
  • In concerts;
  • In solidarity and political campaigns, etc.

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