What to Bring to Your Detox Session


Going through drug detox is a rewarding but challenging situation for many people. It can be especially tough if you don’t take items to your session that may help in your recovery. That’s why VSM Detox Austin and other detox centers suggest bringing the following items to each of your sessions.

Clothing for Your Stay

During your treatment session, you may end up staying at a center for a handful of days to ensure that you are healthy and safe. Not everyone who goes through detoxification needs hospitalization of this type. However, some individuals may find themselves needing a little extra time and specialized care to recover. As a result, it is wise to bring along a change of clothes for each day you’re likely to stay.

The type of clothes you wear will depend entirely on your level of comfort. For example, you may want to wear just t-shirts and jeans while you’re at the center. And if you do plan on staying there and sleeping at the center, you may also want to bring pajamas or other sleep clothes. Doing so will help to make your stay a little more comfortable and easier for you to handle with minimal problems.

Prescriptions and Their Descriptions

Beyond your clothes, it is also important to bring along any prescriptions that you might need to use during your stay. These can include a variety of different medications that help to calm your mood or which are necessary for your overall health. You also need to bring descriptions of these medications along with you to make sure that your treatment specialists understand what you are taking.

Make sure that you talk to your detoxification specialists about each of your prescriptions, as well, to better understand the potential impact that they may have on your care. These experts will sit down with you and create a plan that helps with your detoxification needs. This process may include limiting your doses to certain medications or trying to focus on just a few different options for your withdrawal.

Contact Information for Emergencies

Although detoxification is a well-monitored and mostly safe process, emergencies can happen, like with any medical procedure. And if they do, you need to have contact information readily available. These details help to make it easier for you to get help if you end up experiencing any health issues related to your treatment, such as if you experience an allergic reaction to any medicine. Though rare, such situations may develop and you may need the help of your loved ones to fully recover from this type of attack.

This information should include all of the names of the people who serve as your emergency contacts and your relationships with them. You also need to include phone numbers, email addresses, and anything else necessary for contact. It is critical to make sure that you tell your friends and family that you’re going through detox, as well. Doing so will make it simpler for them to process your treatment if an emergency does occur.

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