What Questions Should You Ask a Divorce Attorney in Kenosha? 


Getting a divorce is a huge step. For such a big life decision, you want to make sure that you hire an attorney that is the right fit for your case. You do not have to hire the first attorney you meet. It is okay to go through many different attorneys before deciding on the one that suits you. Get in touch with a Kenosha divorce attorney to know more. 

What questions should I ask my potential divorce attorney? 

There is no specific set of questions that you have to ask an attorney. You can just ask anything that you are curious about. Still, it is normal not to know what kind of questions to ask your potential divorce attorney, so here are some suggestions: 

  • How many divorce cases have you handled? 

One of the things you should ask your lawyer is how much experience they have with divorce cases. The more experience they have, the better they will be for your case. 

  • How many divorce cases have you settled? 

You may also ask the attorney how many of their cases have been settled out of court and how many went to trial. 

  • How long will it take to resolve my case? 

An experienced attorney would be able to tell you how long it may take to settle your case, based on the facts of your case. You can ask the attorney for their opinion on how long your case would take to resolve. 

  • How can I get a hold of you in case of an emergency? 

You should ask the attorney if they can be reached via phone and how you can get a hold of them in case of an emergency. You can also ask them what they may consider an emergency. 

  • Will other people be involved in my case? 

You may ask the attorney whether they would take over your case or other people from their firm or office. You can also request to meet the other people that are going to be involved in your case. 

  • Do you have an estimate for the total cost of this divorce? 

You can ask the attorney for their estimate of the royal cost of the divorce. An experienced attorney would be able to give a better estimate based on the facts of your case, and you would also be more prepared after having an estimated cost total. 

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