What Psychological Factors Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to both physical and psychological factors. Physical causes include problems with nerves, blood circulation, poor lifestyle choices, etc., and the psychological ones include those that can impact your mental health. In this blog, we will discuss some of the common psychological factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. 

Psychological Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Stress: Stress is a major psychological cause of erectile dysfunction in men. This means if you are facing problems in your relationship, dealing with difficulties in your workplace or with family, you may experience trouble getting or maintaining erections. 

Stress can cause ED on multiple fronts. You may get distracted by your stressful life problems, which could prevent you from obtaining adequate sexual stimulation required for pleasurable sexual intercourse. 

Increased stress levels can also influence your psychological health, reducing the blood flowing to the penis, resulting in erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, more stress causes more severe ED, and more severe ED causes more stress.

  • Depression: Depression causes sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Research has found a bidirectional link between erectile dysfunction and depression. Men with ED should be evaluated for signs of depression, and men with depression should be evaluated for signs of ED. 
  • Performance anxiety: Performance anxiety is a common psychological cause of erectile dysfunction, and it is believed that fear of sexual failure, in addition to other psychological factors, may cause at least 10-20% of erectile dysfunction cases. 

Even when the underlying cause is something physical, stress and performance anxiety that stems from ED  may worsen the problem, leading to a complex cycle of performance anxiety and ED. 

Some men can even be over-conscious of their body image, which can trigger sexual anxiety, leading to erectile dysfunction. General sexual anxiety and performance anxiety can occur in both males and females. You should consult a mental health specialist to explore the best ways to combat such anxieties and stay erect during sexual intercourse. 

  • Relationship conflicts: Researchers have found a link between conflicts within couples and sexual dysfunction. One study has found the cyclic nature of ED and relationship problems, which means that relationship distress may lead to ED., and ED may lead to relationship distress. Other factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction include:
  • Lack of communication with your partner
  • Stress, fear, anxiety, or anger in the relationship
  • Feelings of failure or doubt in your relationship
  • Having unreal expectations from intercourse – which makes it a task rather than the moment of joy and pleasure. 
  • Masturbation habits: Recent studies have revealed that masturbation habits, especially when coupled with pornography, may contribute to erectile dysfunction. If you watch internet pornography while masturbating can make it challenging for you to get and maintain erections while having sex with real-life partners. 
  • Infertility: Infertility induces a series of emotions that may contribute to erectile dysfunction. When couples are not able to conceive a child even after trying multiple times, it usually leaves both partners feeling emotions such as anger, panic, grief, hopelessness, etc., all of which can have a considerable impact on your sexual function. 
  • Guilt from past unpleasant sexual experiences: Erectile dysfunction can sometimes be the consequence of fear, guilt, or shame associated with past unpleasant sexual experiences in your life. 

Early religious teachings that made you feel like sex is a sin or a shameful event can leave you feeling ashamed performing any sexual activity. Past negative experiences with your partner can also make you feel ashamed or guilty of not being able to perform well, resulting in stress that may cause erection problems. 

  • Low self-esteem: Low self-esteem is a major psychological cause of erectile dysfunction, and even when ED has resulted due to a physical cause, it can cause stress and low self-esteem in men as they feel they are unable to satisfy the sexual needs of their partner.  

One study found that when men with ED were treated with Kamagra oral jelly, they experienced a significant improvement in confidence, self-esteem, and sexual satisfaction. Ask your doctor if Kamagra oral jelly would be an appropriate solution for you. 

What’s The Best ED Treatment?

There’s no best treatment that suits everyone with erectile dysfunction. Various treatment alternatives perform differently for different people. One medication that works well for you may prove ineffective for some other person. So, it’s advised to consult your doctor before starting to take any medication. 

Viagra was the first-ever introduced ED medication to strike the U.S. market. It was originally developed to treat angina. However, later, it was found that it’s more effective for erectile dysfunction than angina. 

Viagra, being a popular branded medication, is highly expensive, and so many people can’t afford them. Nowadays, various generic versions of viagra have been made available to people at much lower prices. 

One of the best-known generic viagra is Kamagra oral jelly which you can easily obtain from any physical or online pharmacy. Consult your doctor and get Kamagra oral jelly prescribed for you as any legitimate pharmacy won’t offer them without a prescription.

How Does Kamagra Oral Jelly Work?

Sildenafil citrate is the active substance contained in Kamagra oral jelly. It is a PDE-5 inhibitor that ceases the action of the PDE-5 enzyme in the body to increase the blood flowing to your penis. When the penis obtains adequate blood, you attain an erection when sexually stimulated. 

Take Kamagra oral jelly before engaging in sexual intercourse. You’ll start experiencing its effects within 15 minutes of absorption. It is available in gel form, which eliminates the need for drinking water for swallowing medication. 

Kamagra oral jelly comes in a wide range of savory flavors; you can try a different flavor each day. But make sure you take only the recommended daily dose of the medication. Overdosing on Kamagra oral jelly may lead to serious side effects.

What’s The Most Reliable Place To Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly?

Kamagra oral jelly is a potent medication prescribed by most doctors all over the world to treat erectile dysfunction in men. You can buy it from your nearest pharmacy or place an order for the product online. 

While purchasing medications online, make sure you choose a reliable website that provides quality medications at reasonable prices. Some unauthentic online and physical pharmacies may offer Kamagra oral jelly over-the-counter, but we would recommend consulting a healthcare provider first to ensure it’s safe for you.

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