What Kind of Electric Fence Would Be The Best for your Dog?


The electric fence is sometimes controversial because of its somewhat barbaric side towards dogs. However, it is often used in agriculture and zoos or to complete the education of a dog. It can be very effective in some cases, and different installations of electric fences are possible to contain your dog in a secure area.

Electric fencing is an effective way to secure a perimeter and prevent a dog or any other animal from crossing it. For example, it can dissuade him from approaching a swimming pool, the road, escaping, preventing him from accessing the sheepfold or the henhouse, etc.

A fence is sometimes insufficient to prevent a runaway dog or a Nordic dog with a deep instinct from exploring. Some dig holes or climb the fences to go on a mop; the electric fence becomes an option to avoid these dangers.

Would you like your dog to stay in your garden? If you have the dog traumatized by an electric fence, then there are the best options available for that. So let’s talk about it.

An electric fence is safe for your dog

Some people think that electric fences are dangerous for pets. But this is not the case. The electrical impulses produced by energizers are very brief. Therefore, the tension is not transmitted throughout the animal’s body but only on the surface of the skin. The discharge thus received causes a recoil reaction but remains harmless to the animal.

Advantages of an electric fence to delimit your garden:

The electric fence has different advantages:

  •         First, it is safe for animals and humans.
  •         It is economical, and it has a lifespan of several years.
  •         It is easy to use, can be assembled and disassembled when needed.
  •         It is flexible in defining a different perimeter.
  •         The dog can be accessible in the garden without fear of seeing it run away.
  •         Disadvantages of an electric fence on a lot

The electric fence also has a few drawbacks to take into account:

It is useless if it is used alone, without a fence or obstacle. Indeed, a dog will be able to force its way through the electric fence if nothing is blocking it.

  •         The electric fence wire must not touch the grass, hedges, or even the fence because it is laid on insulators (stakes). It is, therefore, necessary to maintain the greenery near the fence.
  •         It should not be used if you have a dog with epilepsy.
  •         Dogs can shock themselves if they play and accidentally touch it.


The current passes through a wire or a tape without an insulating envelope and away from the ground thanks to insulators (poles electrically insulated from the wires and tapes). Any contact with the wires allows the current to come into contact with the earth through the animal’s body (except birds). An unpleasant electric shock is then sent and dissuades the animal from continuing on its way. So go for it without any second thought.

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