What is the difference between caregiver and caretaker?


Both caregivers and caretakers are a part of helping professions! But do you know what is the key difference between a caregiver and a caretaker? If not, this blog is for you! Today we are going to tell you about the major differences between the two, followed by the benefits of having professional home care services. 

Caregiver Versus Caretaker: The Key Differences

The difference between caregiver and caretaker seems very obvious, like the difference between giving and taking. But it is not that simple! While the words are opposite to each other in terms of meaning, both refers to helping someone. So what is the difference between these two?

The major difference lies not in the meaning but the feeling of the person practising them. A caretaker is someone who’s hired to take care of a person, place, or thing, on the other hand, a caregiver is someone who looks after someone with love and care. 

A caretaker is someone who takes care with a very formal approach, with an aim to fulfil his assigned duty. Whereas a caregiver gives care with a personalized approach ensuring good health and prosperity of the other person.

Caretaking refers to a task assigned for the short term but caregiving refers to a lifelong relationship, which revolves on and around affection. Caretaking is performed as a duty that has to be fulfilled, but caregiving is given with heart. 

Benefits of Hiring Personal Caregiver 

After knowing the difference between a caregiver and caretaker, we advise you to always opt for a caregiver for the elderly. The patient care services provide trusted caregivers, who ensure better health and happy life for your beloved elders. Here’re a few benefits of hiring a personal caregiver for old-adults. 

  • Emotional Support

Elders are vulnerable to have the emotional impact of things around them. Living alone leads them to boredom and impact their emotional health. In this scenario, caregivers become much more than just physical support. They don’t only provide the required elderly care service but also become their emotional support system. They also make sure that the elders don’t feel alone or left out. They always stay available to listen to the elders and make them feel loved and surrounded.

  • Low risk of fall injuries 

With a personal caregiver, the risk of fall injuries also decreases. When you hire patient care services for the elderly, they also arrange risk management sessions for them. First, they make the required changes to lessen the risk of fall injuries and then teach the seniors to learn to prevent falls. 

  • Healthy Diet

With a more personalized approach than caretakers, caregivers also take care of the timely and healthy diet of seniors. They assess the daily calorie requirements of the elders and provide them with the required nutrients. The proper amount of nutrients ensure better physical and mental health in the elderly. 

  • Prevent from Old-age disease 

As caregivers make sure that they take the required amount of nutrients on a basis, they develop a strong immune system to fight against the old-age diseases. Elders who stay with professional caregivers tend to live healthier than their peers who live without the assistance of a professional. 

  • Healthcare 

Caregivers also ensure better healthcare facilities for seniors. While providing timely medication, they also indulge the elders in different social, physical, and mental activities that keep the elders happy and make them feel connected with their peers. They also arrange regular therapy and yoga sessions for them.  

  • Assist with daily chores

Last but not the least, caregivers also assist seniors with their daily chores. Instead of helping them indirect ways, professionals are trained to make everything more excited for elders. This way, elders get the required help and still feel self-dependent. 

The Bottom Line

We hope that by now you’ve understood how a caregiver is different and better from a caretaker. So if you’re also looking for an efficient caregiver, then connect with Emoha at 1800-123-445555 or [email protected]. It is a one-stop destination for the best home health care services for the elderly. At Emoha, caregivers are intensively trained to give better care to adults.

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