What Is the Best Way to Store Skis? 4 Great Ski Storage Ideas


Ski resorts are one business that saw growth in the winter of 2020 and they are even coming back for the summer as they look to escape the pandemic into nature for some fresh air.

Skiing is one of those hobbies where you need to buy a lot of equipment to stay comfortable and stylish on the slopes.

Are you getting into skiing and wonder where you are going to store all your and your family’s snow and skiing gear? Relax. Your new hobby doesn’t have to leave you feeling overwhelmed.

In this post, we cover ski storage ideas that will keep your gear safe and out of your way once you come down off the mountain for the last time and until your next ski trip. Keep reading for ski equipment storage ideas you may never think of.

1. Vertical Ski Storage

First off, the tried and true method of storing skiing equipment – the wall method. All you need to build a handy storage space for your ski gear is an open wall in your basement or garage. Frame out sections of the wall for each set of gear you want to store with 4×6 lumber.

The top of your wall unit makes the perfect shelf for boots and ski helmets. You can secure your skiing gear inside the vertical ski storage unit with bungee cords. This allows for easy access and will keep the gear safely in place.

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2. Rent Storage Space Near the Slopes

Once you have a favorite ski destination, you may want to consider keeping your equipment in ski storage at a ski equipment rental establishment near the slopes. This is the best of the four ski gear storage ideas for those with limited space in their homes.

For a small fee, you are guaranteed safe storage. There is no need to worry about loading your gear up before you head out to the slopes or storing it away when you come home exhausted from the trip.

3. High Hanging Ski Storage

Limited wall space? Then, hang em high! Building a high horizontal shelf for ski gear at the top of a garage of storage room is a simple storage solution. You could get fancy with wood shelving or just hang ropes or bungee cords off of the rafters.

4. Showpiece Shelves

Here are DIY ski storage ideas for the hardcore adventurous spirit that is all about incorporating their passion for skiing into their home decor. An empty wall in the living room, bedroom, or dining room could be transformed into display shelves by laying down skies on shelf brackets.

What better way to show off your love for skiing? You could even frame pictures of your ski adventures to add to the ski wall effect.

Ski Storage Ideas

There you have it – 4 ski storage ideas that will relieve your ski storage jitters. Now you can concentrate on stepping up to the next more challenging slope. You are organized and confident – Stay safe and enjoy those powder days!

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