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What is the Best Way to Consume Weed Flower?

The portion of the cannabis plant that can be smoked is referred to as “flower,” “bud,” or “nug,” especially after it has been dried and cured. Even if there are newer ways to consume the substance, smoking cannabis flower remains a popular choice due to the numerous benefits listed here.

More options exist for how you can consume and make cannabis flower online purchase. It is difficult to pinpoint the “best” technique for marijuana consumption because there are various methods to consume it.

Smoking is the oldest habit, but vaporizer use is becoming more common. In terms of edibles, we can now add THC, CBD, CBG, or even CBN to nearly anything we choose to eat. There are now a ton more products available, including oils and sprays. 

As a result, the “best” way to consume weed flower depends on your preferences and your value of different aspects, like its strength, health, and convenience. In this post, we investigate the ins and outs of marijuana consumption and list some common ways to ingest weed flower.  

How to Smoke Weed Flower?

Marijuana is often consumed through smoking. It kicks in immediately and lasts for 1 to 3 hours, depending on the consumer and the dosage. Most marijuana lovers intake weed flower by one or more of the mentioned methods: 

  • Joint: A joint is crafted of ground cannabis rolled in a paper, also referred to as a cannabis cigarette.
  • Blunt: Blunt is made by covering ground marijuana in a blunt wrapper or an empty cigar, similar to how a joint is made.
  • The Pipe: one of the most well-liked stoner accessories, allows users of marijuana to smoke on the go using only their flower, the pipe, and a lighter or match when needed.
  • Bong: Users of marijuana can filter their smoke using the bong, also called a water pipe.

How to Smoke a Joint

The joint is perhaps the most popular cannabis delivery method. They’ve even entered the “mainstream” in classics like “Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke”, “Dazed And Confused”, and “The Big Lebowski”.

Joints are the most common form of marijuana use. You only need rolling papers, a paper filter, and a flower to roll a joint. Despite being handy, a grinder is not required. Cheap rolling papers are available almost everywhere. Roll the joint, light the non-filter end, take a drug through the filter, and unwind. 

Most rolling papers are still made from wood pulp, although hemp-based papers, larger sheets, and even packages that give the joint roller additional pieces to make filters are all specifically made for consumers. 

How to Smoke a Blunt?

Though bigger and less familiar, a blunt is similar to a joint. A blunt is an empty cigar paper filled with cannabis flowers. The benefit of making a blunt is the same as rolling a joint: all required are tobacco leaves utilized for ground weed flower and the blunt wrap (again, the grinder is optional).

Convenience stores frequently sell cigars, making it possible to build blunts practically everywhere. The only possible drawback of a blunt is that you can end up eating the tobacco from cigar wrap, but that is exactly the point for weed lovers.

How to Smoke Weed in a Pipe

The most straightforward way to smoke marijuana may be with a pipe. Small, lightweight, and convenient cannabis smoking tools on the go are called pipes. You can purchase cannabis flower online from the same place where you got your weed pipe. Simply cut the flower into tiny pieces, place it in the pipe’s bowl, and light the flower on fire while softly inhaling through the mouthpiece. For marijuana consumers, pipes are dependable and practical tools for discreet or traveling use.

How to Smoke With a Bong?

A bong is composed of a downstem, a mouthpiece, a bowl, and a chamber containing some water. Bongs are ideal for people who want to lessen the spiciness and harshness of their smoke intake.

Fill the compartment with sufficient water to wrap the downstem’s end using a bong. Fill the basin with a lot of ground flowers. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and ignite the flower in the bowl. Inhale through your mouth to bring the smoke into your mouth and through the water. Once you’re done, remove the flower from the bong’s bowl and clean it so you may use it again.

How to Dose Weed Flower?

You may respond to cannabis differently depending on the intensity, THC level, and terpene content of different cannabis strains. The total amount of cannabinoids present in a flower, which are chemical substances that operate on our endocannabinoid system to produce psychological and physiological effects, determine the flower’s potency. A percentage is used to represent this concentration. 


Fortunately, certificates of analysis that support precise and straightforward dosing are provided by lab-tested products bought from licensed, legal online stores like Grassdoor. Look for the THC content on a weed flower packet to see how much of an effect you may expect from one joint or bong rip.

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