What is orthodontic treatment? How many types are there?


Everything that people who haven’t had braces should know!

Vancouver orthodontic specialist can fix bad teeth, protruding front teeth, stacked teeth, crooked teeth, and insecure smile, unable to bite your teeth. At present, orthodontics is priced at quite a variety. Can choose the type of tools as appropriate according to the lifestyle of each person, such as ceramic orthodontics metal braces, or Invisalign clear braces. Patients can read the details. Techniques for choosing a good orthodontic clinic and the price of braces can be found below.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of cosmetic dentistry. Diagnose and plan for prevention and treatment of malocclusion, occlusal, and jaw-related problems that need to be related to the face. It is a treatment to have better occlusal teeth. Efficient chewing of food reduces risk factors for tooth decay or gum disease due to misaligned teeth and avoids tooth wear from aligning teeth or improper occlusal. Another important point is equally important. Orthodontics can also help boost confidence in your smile and enhance personality from having beautifully aligned teeth which need to be done by a specialized dentist in specialized dental clinics or only a standard hospital to take care of our teeth to be beautiful and safe.

How many types of braces are there?

Tool-mounted braces: This is the most widely used orthodontic treatment. The tool is made of metal material. 

Non-Toxic Orthodontics: It is a removable orthodontic treatment. You don’t have to put braces on your teeth service provider Many people may be familiar with the name Invisalign.

First orthodontic treatment how to start

When you decide that you want to have braces for those who receive orthodontics for the first time The doctor recommends choosing a dentist who specializes in orthodontics sydney, especially certified by the Orthodontist Association of Canada in order for the dentist to help determine an appropriate treatment plan for each individual, such as the need for tooth extraction or not. If you need to withdraw how many teeth will have to be removed, or some people do not need to withdraw other tools such as a mini screw can be used to help maintain orthodontic treatment. All of which must be assessed from the structure of each person’s teeth and face. Our dentist graduated in orthodontics from Mahidol. (Only in orthodontics in the system) certified as an orthodontist from the Orthodontist Association of Canada.

Therefore, patients can trust and trust our doctors. There are also many methods of orthodontics to choose from. Each type has different advantages and prices. Therefore, patients who want orthodontics should study well before orthodontic treatment.

Teeth alignment problems

Many people may wonder why the alignment of each person’s teeth is different or changes afterward. The causes of differences and changes can be divided into 3 factors:

Heredity: The arrangement of teeth is different for each person. It depends on heredity. Which affects the size, shape and relationship between jaws, the size of large or small teeth in each person, protruding teeth, overlapping teeth, which is the most common cause.

Missing or Excess Tooth Number: The number of teeth that are present, if missing, either through extraction or accident. It may cause the remaining teeth to be out of balance. Can fall or tilt another case is having too many teeth until the squeezing in the oral cavity, making it look unattractive

Some habits that affect teeth: such as finger sucking, nail-biting, and tongue-pushing swallowing. Mouth breathing may cause tooth gaps, teeth protrusion, or premature removal of milk teeth. It affects the alignment of teeth.

What does orthodontics help with?

  1. Orthodontics helps to arrange teeth more neatly and beautifully. Anyone who wonders if their problems can be solved with orthodontics? Need a dentist to help assess the problem, such as
  • Having problems with overcrowding
  • Deep overbite
  • Open bite or inadequate front teeth
  • Upper jaw overhangs (Overjet)
  • Lower jaw protrusion (Under-bite)
  • Cross-bite Occlusion

Orthodontics can adjust the teeth to be aligned and help maintain better oral health can reduce tooth decay because the teeth are arranged in a mess that is the source of food waste stuck in the crevices of the teeth.

  1. Helping to take care of teeth easier when the teeth are aligned in the right position it can be cleaned more easily. Reduces the chance of tooth loss in the future. Make your teeth stay with us for a long time.
  2. Help adjust the shape of the face to be in place Orthodontics makes the face more fit. Solve the problem of occlusal teeth, protruding lower teeth, or overturned teeth. As a result, the owner of the face has more confidence, dares to speak, and smiles more.

Orthodontics in conjunction with orthognathic surgery

In orthodontics and Invisalign in Vancouver problems are not only the teeth. You can consult with specialists in Vancouver by clicking on this highlighted link. One of the reasons is from the abnormalities of the jawbone, such as the lower-upper jaw, protrusion, short, deformed, deformed, making orthodontic treatment alone cannot help enough to solve the problem that may require surgery in conjunction with orthodontics. Patients can read more at Orthodontics, orthodontic surgery Solve facial structure problems

Orthodontic procedures

Basic orthodontic procedures are similar, but there may be differences in each type and orthodontics without tools But the preparation before orthodontics is similar, divided into 8 steps as follows:

Consult a dentist when deciding to have braces for the first time you must consult a dentist who specializes in orthodontics directly. In order to diagnose individual problems, examine the face shape, jawbone structure, and teeth. as well as taking a history, such as having a chronic disease, a history of drug allergy or drugs that are currently being used, whether or not to plan an appropriate treatment, meanwhile, during this time your dentist will give you advice on how to straighten your teeth in each method. So that the patient can decide which one is the most suitable for their needs?

Orthodontic planning when the patient chooses the method of orthodontics that is suitable for him the dentist will inform you of a rough plan of treatment including the cost of treatment and make a lip print model teeth

Take an x-ray picture. The patient will need to take a dental impression and x-ray including Panoramic, Lateral cephalometric, or PA cephalometric (if necessary) to take the information for diagnosis. Assess the teeth, upper and lower jawbones. Look at the cleavage of teeth and designing orthodontics to make them look beautiful and use it effectively

To clear the mouth, oral clearing is to prepare our oral cavity ready for orthodontics. The dentist must check oral health before starting orthodontic treatment, such as filling, scaling, tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal, etc. Then I have to fill the teeth. Or do any dental treatments will make the treatment difficult. And helps orthodontics to be successful as well which at this stage may take a long time for some people If you have cavities or gum disease too. For further info and treatment visit our recommended site which is mentioned in this article.

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