What is Health Insurance: Definition, Types & Benefits


Health is the most important factor in our life, there is a popular proverb that “health is wealth”. Till 30 years, the human body has its resistance power and it gradually reduces with increase of age. Health is like nature, it is unpredictable and uncertain, and you are surrounded by risk. Everyone wants to stay healthy but diseases attack as you grow old. Health insurance covers medical costs that come in your life unexpectedly. Benefits of health insurance are provided by insurance companies according to the scheme selected by individuals. Health insurance makes you stress-free about your health expenses.

What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a coverage that is provided by insurance companies for hospitalization charges, post-hospitalization charges, and other medical costs and surgical expenses. you have to pay a very minimum premium for this benefit, it also aids by reducing sudden pressure on income. There are flexibilities in health insurance plans, people can shift from one scheme to another one and they can pay their premium on yearly, quarterly or monthly basis.

5 Benefits Of Health Insurance

  • Health insurance provides coverage for your health-related issues and simultaneously it reduces the financial risk that may cause sudden health issues.
  • One has to pay less for health issues, there are numerous health insurance options.
  • Routine medical check-up is provided in this insurance and one can be aware about their health from time to time. Without health insurance people neglect routine checkups of their health just to minimize our expenses and sometimes it may cause major health issues and cause loss of money. So, health insurance will reduce the loss of money for health issues.
  • Sometimes people have to pay their bills first from their pocket and then after submission of those bills’ money is given from the health insurance company.
  • Apart from reduction on medical expenses it also provides a discount on payable tax. This discount of tax varies from country to country according to their rules.

Types of Health Insurance Plan

You can select health insurance options according to your requirements. You can purchase health insurance for one person or for every member of the family. Health insurance companies have arranged numerous plans with the permutation and combination of different facilities, people can easily select one of those health insurance options for a better health care facility. Just to reduce the expense on medical purposes, health insurance is most effective. You spend a lot of money for your treatment, if you spend it in a proper way then you can easily save some money.

Care for Health

Health care must be done for leading a happy life, maintenance and proper treatment of health is essential. After 40years, we all have health issues may be less or more, it can be reduced with a well treatment and diagnosis. Health insurance takes care of all this once you purchase. Purchasing Health insurance will be the perfect decision for securing health issues and financial risk. In this pandemic (COVID) situation health insurance has saved people from extra expenses on their treatments. This has given a lesson for the need for health insurance in your life.

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