What is evil eye meaning and FAQ?


The evil eye has been a part of civilizations for ages, but it has gained its long-awaited recognition only recently. Last decade, the evil eye amulets appeared more frequently in the fashion world. The recent endorsement by A-listers like Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Meghan Markel has made a way for the Evil eye Bracelet and necklaces to enter the mainstream fashion.

The history of Evil Eye Amulets

The very first mentions of evil eye amulets date back to Greek and Roman culture 3000 years. In these cultures, it was believed that whenever someone achieves great success, they attract the envious gaze of those around them.

If someone looks at you with an envious eye, the atmosphere around you gets filled with negative energy, which in turn manifests a curse that will undo all your good fortune. In some cultures, it is also known as Nazar, which can show its negative effects over the years and can be passed through several generations.

According to a very famous Greek philosopher, Plutarch, human eyes are capable of releasing very strong rays of energy. This energy has the potential to dictate, hypnotize, and even kill. He claims that a person can master the art of hypnotization and dictation through eyes. One of the examples he gives is of a group of people In the South of the Black Sea, who had ways of making people do things just with their stare.

It is also believed that those with blue eyes are more proficient at delivering the curse. Maybe that is the reason why the evil amulet is created in the color blue. According to Polish folklore, there was a man who was so tired of carrying the curse that he gauged his own eyes to end the curse.

Later, to fight with this curse the ancient folks came up with the idea of an eye for an eye. The blue color evil eye amulet was created to counter the ill effects of an envious gaze.

According to Dr. Nese Yildirim, one of the first signs of these amulets was found during an excavation in one of the oldest cities of Mesopotamia, which is now known as Syria. The excavation process revealed alabaster idols that were made with carved Eyes. However, these pieces were very far from what we see today.

The credit for the blue color of the amulet can be given to the Egyptian glassy mud that contains a very high percentage of copper and cobalt. These oxides impart the blue color to the evil eyes Amulets that we see today.

There are also several mentions of Evil Eye pendants found in an excavation in Egypt. Soon after, the Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and even the Ottoman accepted the evil eye amulet. However, its presence was limited to the Mediterranean, but later on, it found its way to different corners of the globe. In many parts of Turkey, it is still considered ominous to present a newborn with an Evil eye amulet.

The meaning behind the different colors of Evil eye

Even though the evil eye amulet is popular in its deep blue color, you can find it in different other colors also. Each of these colors bears a classic Interpretation to its symbol. To understand what evil eye meaning, scroll down.

Orange evil eye: The orange evil eye is used for happiness and protection. It also inspires your creativity and keeps you motivated.

Dark blue evil eye: The dark blue evil eye amulet presents protection, healthy communication, and relaxation

Light blue evil eye: For those who are looking for peace and solitude to broaden their perspective, light a blue evil eye bracelet is the right choice.

Dark green evil eye: If you want to balance your personal and professional life, then go for the dark green evil eye bracelet. It offers happiness and inspires you to follow your dreams.

The red evil eye: It symbolizes protection against fear and anxiety. Wearing a red Evil eye bracelet makes you more daring.

Brown evil eye: Connect with nature and bring order to your life with a brown evil eye bracelet.

Purple evil eye: If something is keeping you from reaching your destiny then purple Evil eye will help create the balance by removing all sorts of obstacle.

Is there something like an evil eye?

Just like positive energy, even negative energy ventures the earth. And, as you would like to attract positive energy, you have to work towards repelling the negative energy. The Evil eye is one of the many ways negative energy approaches toward you and to fight it, you can go for blue evil eye emulate.

How to protect yourself against the evil eye?

If you want to keep yourself from envious eyes, get yourself an evil eye pendant or bracelet,shop here. It is believed that the blue beads catch and destroy all the bad wishes that are being thrown towards you.

How to buy your evil eye protection?

You must get an authentic evil eye bracelet or souvenir for best effects. Unfortunately, there are plastic version of evil eye circulating in the market that may come in different shape, size, form, and color. You need to understand what color you need to buy and look for authentic pieces.

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