What Is Evidence Based Autism Treatment?

Evidence Based Autism Treatment (ERAT) has come to light as the treatment of choice for young autistic individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. 

What is ERAT? 

It is an acronym that stands for Early Detection and Treatment. How is ERAT different than classic I.D.? or Pervasive Developmental Disorder categories?

I.D. is the use of psychotherapy and medications to treat symptoms of this disorder. Pervasive Developmental Disorder, on the other hand, is a psychiatric disorder whose defining feature is aggressive, defiant behavior exhibited by young children. I.D. encompasses all of the symptoms and behaviors associated with PDD without the need to apply these treatments separately.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

While early detection and treatment of autism spectrum disorder have become a reality for many with this disease, there are still far too many children receiving ineffective treatment or worse yet, not receiving any at all. We all want to give our children the best possible chance in life and while we do not all have the means to provide a cure for autism, we do know the ability to effectively treat autism spectrum disorder. What are some of the most common alternative forms of treatment? ABA therapy has been vastly effective and 1-to-1 therapy can make a major impact in the treatment of ASD.  Visit if you are looking for the best guide on aba therapist jobs, Moreover, here are some other options to consider.

Evidence Based Autism Treatment

Holistic approaches to treating autism fall into the category of Evidence Based Autism Treatment. Holistic treatments attempt to use the wisdom of natural medicine in treating all areas of life. There are many different types of holistic treatments including; vitamin based, homeopathic, herbal, nutritional and Ayurvedic approaches. The most popular treatment is called holistic medicine which combines treatments from many different perspectives in order to find the best possible course of treatment. There is great debate concerning the safety of holistic treatments; however, much of the evidence that has been generated in support of holistic treatments comes from the use of traditional medicine and its biases.

Balanced Scorecard

Many people are familiar with the “balanced scorecard”. This is a tool which enables you to see how autistic symptoms affect the various areas of your life and then adjust accordingly to ensure your family gets the best possible care. Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of the built in safeguards within this evidence-based approach, but I can assure you that it will help you to make better decisions about your child and ensure you get the best care for him or her.

Habit Reversal

Another approach, many families are using is known as “habit reversal” or “change for improvement”. This is a relatively new approach and has been around for more than 20 years in the US. It basically involves removing certain behaviors or altering them so that they no longer cause an anxiety or fear in a child suffering from autism spectrum disorder. For example, many parents have reported removing certain phrases from their speeches or changing the tone of their voice when speaking to their child. This can be effective but the main issue is that these actions or words have not been deemed necessary or even helpful in dealing with autism.

Evidence-based autism treatment can be highly individualised and, therefore, I cannot provide a blanket recommendation for how to best approach it. In general, however, it is imperative that you and your doctor develop the best possible treatment plan for your particular case. The key issue is to ensure that the right strategies are being employed and that the right supports are being in place. By doing so, you may well see improvements within your child’s behaviour relatively quickly, particularly if you stick to a solid treatment plan.

The importance of evidence based autism treatment is crucial because it provides a framework within which to work. The strategies and steps that you are required to follow will be tailored to your child’s particular needs and thus you should be able to find something that suits him or her perfectly. However, what is also very important is that you are fully aware of what is happening so that you can take the necessary precautions when necessary. For example, some of these strategies are quite robust and require your constant attention. This means that the early strategies will require a great deal of your time.

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