what is better:sunscreen spray or lotion


Any time that you are outside, it’s a good idea to put some sunscreen lotion on, but especially if you are planning to stay outdoors for any length of time. UV rays are always out to get you during the day, even if it’s cloudy outdoors. While the shade may seem nice on a cloudy day, UV rays are hard at work to penetrate your skin and cause damage. It’s no secret that using sunscreen is imperative while you are enjoying the outdoors, but what is the best method of applying sunscreen? Find out when to use sunscreen spray vs lotion for the safest, most effective application.

Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen sprays are an easy, mess-free way to block UV rays. Because you are not applying the sunscreen with your hands, you don’t get the greasy feeling lotions tend to leave you with. Sunscreen sprays also let you cover more surface area faster, since all you have to do is spray and rub the sunscreen in. Be wary when using these products on small children, however, because the overspray of sunscreen may be harmful to them if it’s ingested.

Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen lotion is probably the most popular and in many opinions, it’s the best-protecting skincare solution available, above sunscreen sprays and sticks. The lotion version of sunscreen gives you even protection and a fast application that works well at the beach, before hikes, working in your yard, or anywhere else. It’s arguable the easiest to use on children too, as you can apply the lotion without the risk of inhalation and cover a large area quickly. It’s a bit messier than sunscreen spray, but lotion is the best choice for small children and around sensitive areas, such as the mouth and eyes.

A More Elegant Solution

Traditional sunscreen products are not for everyone, whether it’s a spray, lotion, or stick. Maybe the smell is what gets you, or maybe you have heard of nano formulas and the consequences of absorption. Whatever your reasoning is, it’s understandable, and there is a far more pleasant solution for your skin protection. 

Organic sunscreen lotions and sprays give you the same protection as other sunscreens of the same UV rating, protect equally as effective, and last just as long, with a few benefits. Natural sunscreens give you this protection by harnessing the power of nature in a simple, effective formula. Because these products use non-nano compounds, your skin can remain chemical-free and glowing.

Along with UV protection, organic sunscreen products pack in tons of vitamins and nutrients, which nurture your skin. Your skin is left feeling lighter and radiant; something that’s unheard of after a day in the sun!


There are cases when it may be best to use different products, but the best thing you can do is switch to an organic sunscreen. Your skin will thank you and so will the environment. Ensure that you stay protected this summer by applying your choice of product before venturing outdoors.

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