What is Better Pawn Shops or Payday Lenders?


You find yourself in a predicament needing to pay for unexpected repairs in the home. Still, you are strapped for cash and heard about how Brisbane pawnbrokers can help with fast cash. But you also heard about payday loans and are unsure which one is better.

You have a bad credit record, finding money for costly repairs is complex, and you need to make the best choice. In short, you can get loans from a pawn shop by providing an item as collateral to get the value in cash for gold jewellery or pawning your car.

That is not all you can do at a pawn shop, as there is more. A bit on that later. Payday loans present you with a different concept when you look at payday loans. Unfortunately, many of the providers received some bad press.

While they do not take security as they debit the funds from your account. If you do not have funds available, you will pay late fees, plus interest and more.

Which One is Better

To choose between a pawn shop or a payday lender, you need to consider the pros and cons.

Lending or Selling to Brisbane Pawnbrokers

When you visit pawnbroker Brisbane providers, you can take an item to hand over as collateral. The pawnbroker inspects the object and determines the value as per the secondhand online marker. They will then present you an offer you can lend for expensive gold jewellery, luxury watch, gold/silver bullion, coins, or your car.

They will keep the item safe for you until you return to repay the loan with interest as agreed on. Thus, you get direct lending without hidden fees as everything is provided upfront. You need not go through credit checks and can get safe cash loans that are discrete even if you have bad credit.

So, you get a reliable loan with fast funds. The only difference is that you need to provide security in jewellery or other valuable items. But you have a second option without taking a loan by selling your expensive watch or other valuable items to them.

Doing this provides you with fast cash without placing it as collateral and still needing to repay a loan. When you take a loan on an item and cannot afford to pay it back, the pawnbroker puts up the item for sale.

Lending or Selling to Brisbane Pawnbrokers

When you need money to pay on small amounts, getting a payday loan is possible for a short-term solution. However, compared to a pawn shop, you need to repay the money after a week or two. Thus, the amount loaned is deducted from your account.

As you need to repay the loan fast, you might think it does not pose a risk. Still, it does, as the interest rates and fees are high, similar to taking out other loans making it very expensive. You can end up paying 5% interest on the amount loaned if not paid in time.

So, it does not help cash flow problems if you already have financial difficulties. Another concern is while you do not need security and the online process is simple; there are hidden costs and late fees if not paid. Hence, you already have debit orders on your account. When they take the funds, and it is not available for other creditors, you end up with an even worse credit score.

Everything ends in prolonged debt as your loans get out of hand fast.

Pawnbrokers or Pay Day Loans

As you can see, deciding between using Brisbane pawnbrokers or a payday loan provider speaks for itself. They both have their place in society when you look at them. However, when you need many cash, you will have no luck heading over to a payday lender.

Payday lenders only loan money up to $1000, leaving you visiting the pawnshop. At a pawnbroker, it is safer to borrow money fast as you can provide an expensive gold ring to keep or even sell it to them.

Therefore, the decision is up to you as selling luxurious jewellery can bring in loads of cash, and the best part is you need not repay a loan.

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