What is a yo-yo club?


In very simple terms, a yo-yo is a toy that consists of an axle and a string. The person who plays with the toy must perform different techniques with the string in order to make the axle go up and down. What does this have to do with football? Well, actually a lot, because there are many squads that are called yo-yo teams. It is possible to visit 1xBet – top sports betting sites Pakistan in order to place wagers on these yo-yo squads.

In the same way as a yo-yo goes up and down, there are many football squads that constantly go up and down across different football divisions. In other words, these squads are constantly being promoted and relegated. Another way to call these squads is an “elevator team”, however, the idea is exactly the same. The top sports betting sites in Pakistan can be visited now, and 1xBet features lots of football sports betting.

Some examples

Probably any football league across the world has a few yo-yo teams of its own. In Europe, and specifically in Germany, Italy and England it is possible to find tons of those examples. While waiting for the promotion or relegation of a specific football team, you can try the great games available at the 1xbet.pk/casino/ website.

Some of the most notable examples of yo-yo clubs in Europe include:

  • FC Nürnberg;
  • West Bromwich Albion;
  • Crystal Palace;
  • Cagliari;
  • and Arminia Bielefeld.

The cases of Crystal Palace and West Bromwich Albion deserve a mention of their own. For example, between 2000 and 2020, Crystal Palace was promoted from the Championship to the Premier League six times. On five of them, they were relegated the following season. Before the next game of those squads, you can play some great games at the 1xBet casino.

West Bromwich Albion also had a similar fate between 2000 and 2010. During those years, they were promoted four times to the English Premier League, and relegated thrice to the Championship.

A very deep yo-yo

Another example of a very long or deep yo-yo is Notts County. Punters can also visit the https://www.1xbet.pk/toto/ website in order to wager on this team. Between 1893 and 2019 the squad was promoted 13 times and relegated on 16 occasions. They played in the top four divisions of English football during that time. This is in contrast to other yo-yo teams which normally only move between the top two divisions of their countries.

However, unfortunately for the squad, in 2019 they suffered one of their most catastrophic relegation. This is because in that year, they were relegated for the first time to the National League, which is the fifth level of English football. The 1xBet website allows all its members to wager on multiple football competitions in England.

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