What is a Password Protected QR code and how can they help combat data breaches?


One of the major concerns in the use of digital information is the breach of data. Cyber theft is now rampant on the internet. Data such as financial and personal information are breach almost every day. How can we prevent this malicious act?

Sharing our data like personal data, reports, and other documents online is worrisome. As users of digital information, we are constantly improving our ways of securing our data.

QR technology is one of the ideal solutions for a fast and secure sharing of confidential information to the public. With the enhanced features of QR codes, we can now add a password to QR codes. Learn how password-protected QR codes help combat data breaches.

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Concept of a Password-Protected QR Code

Password-protected QR codes can regulate and restrict access to the confidential contents embedded in your QR code. People scanning the QR code need to enter the correct password before the data display on their screens. Password for the QR code can be disabled and enabled anytime.

With the use of password-protected QR codes, we can prevent data breaches. We can now safely share data exclusively with the target audience only.

How to enable password protection of your QR code?

The first thing you need to know is to generate a QR code. Simply follow these steps :

  • Open the best QR code generator with logo
  • Sign up or Log in to your account
  • Choose the type of QR code you want
  • Enter necessary information or upload file
  • Generate and customize QR code’s design
  • Perform scan test to ensure scannability
  • Saved QR code and deploy

Now that you know how to generate QR codes, learn how to enable the password feature of your dynamic QR codes. Protect the data encoded on your QR codes by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your QR code generator account. – To enable the password function of your created QR code, please log into your QR code generator account.
  2. Go to “Track data” – Once logged in, click on the “Track data” in the upper menu of the page. Track data page shows your generated QR codes organized by categories.
  3. Select the category of the QR code you want to add protection with. – You can find the QR code solutions categories on the left side of the Track data page. Select the category of the QR code you wish to protect with a password.
  4. Look for the image or name of the QR code. – Find the specific QR code image or name in which you wish to enable the password protection on the page.
  5. Click on the Lock icon and set the desired password. – This button will direct you to a box where you may enable the QR code’s password.
  6. Tap on the “save” button. – You may now click “save” to finish the password activation procedure after setting the password.

Note: You can disable the password by placing a checkmark on the box “Disable your password ” then hit save.

Password-protection is only for Dynamic QR codes

This password-protection feature is only available on dynamic QR codes as they are complex and contain more data than static QR codes. What is good about dynamic QR codes is, they can embed different types of data. This type of QR code can contain document files, video and audio files, URLs, and images.

Using this feature allows us to share confidential data like business plans and proposals, financial reports, test results, grades, and other data that you consider confidential.

The use of a password-protected QR code is not limited only to important data, you can also use this QR code type in games like Scavenger Hunt and other fun activities.


QR code is one of the greatest inventions in this digital world. With the use of password-protected QR codes, we can help to combat data breaches. Today, we no longer worry about unauthorized persons as we can now regulate and restrict them from accessing our data.

With the help of a QR code generator online, you can now secure your data by start generating password-protected QR codes and help combat data breaches that are rapidly happening today.

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