What Is a Cable Machine and How Do You Use One?


If you’ve ever been to a gym, you will more than likely have seen a cable machine. They are the larger pieces of equipment that, as the name suggests, consist of a cable or pulley system that allows users to move weights and build up strength.

Many people like the idea of using a cable machine, but they can look complicated and even intimidating, so gym-goers may well opt for something simpler rather than trying to work out what to do. That’s a shame because a cable machine can be the ideal way to tone up and build muscle. With that in mind, here is a guide to what cable machines are and how you can use them for the best results.

The Benefits of Using a Cable Machine

So, why would you want to use a cable machine if you could use free weights, for example? There are several reasons, with the main one being that a good machine, like one of the Mirafit cable machines, will allow you to do a lot of different exercises with just one piece of equipment. If you want to start a home gym or you want a quick workout at the gym, the cable machine is what you’ll need. With a cable machine, you can work any group of muscles you want to.

How to Use a Cable Machine

Purely because cable machines are so versatile, there are many different exercises you can do with them, and although that is positive, it’s also something that makes it hard to know where to start. There are some exercises you should do, however, and as you start to become more proficient with these, you can add more.

  • Standing Cable Chest Press

This is an ideal exercise to use your cable machine for because it will work your abs,  pecs, triceps, and shoulders – all at the same time. It’s like using a dumbbell, but with a machine to add resistance.

You’ll need to adjust the pulleys on the machine so that they are at chest height and then set the right weight for you. Don’t try to do too much at once – it’s best to build up to heavier weights. Push the cable machine handles out in front of you for the required number of reps.

  • Standing Cable Row

This exercise is perfect for working your upper back (especially your lats) and your biceps. You’ll want to attach the rowing handle to the cable machine, so make sure you have one of these (it has two handles). Then, facing the machine, step back a couple of steps and pull the handle back towards you so it reaches the middle of your chest – then repeat.

  • Cable Machine Squat

If you want to work your leg muscles, the cable machine squat is a good choice. Using a straight bar attachment, put the pulley on its lowest setting. Take the bar in both hands with an overhand grip and walk backwards until the cable is tight. Next, squat down, taking the cable with you. Again, you’ll need to repeat the movement for the required number of reps.

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