What Is A Butcher Knife Used For?


Butcher knives are different from standard kitchen knives. They are sharper than ordinary knives so that seamless cutting of meats can take place. The butcher knives are generally made up of high-quality steel and sharper blades. The best butcher knives are very demanding in jobs where cutting meats and bones are very frequent. If you are a meat lover try meat chips online.

Uses For A Quality Butcher Knife:

For different purposes, different butcher knives can be used. Some of the high-quality butcher knives and their uses can be discussed here.

  • The Boning Knife-These knives are the oldest ones known in the world since human civilization started. They are used for cutting bones. Farmers used to debone the meat, and the bones were used as fertilizers in the soil. Nothing got wasted, and every part of the animal meat was being used.
  • The Pairing Knife- The pairing knife can be used to cut the raw or cooked meat. Different patterns and shapes of meat can be extracted with the help of this kind of knife. Meat can be shaped into small steaks or into shapes like stars or hearts for special occasions. Filleting meat becomes easier with this knife, and the meat can be cut into the thinnest piece beyond your imagination.
  • The Cleaver- This one is the most common type of butcher knife and is used for chopping. The blade’s flat surface is used for cutting through the solid frozen meat. The cleaver’s handle is solid and heavy so that it can withstand the force of cutting the thick meat. The handle is easy for controlling the pressure during the chopping process.
  • The Blunt Knife- Among the best butcher knives, blunt knives can also be used, which are often compared with a medical scalpel. Though they are smaller in size, their compactness can be the best for precision cutting.

Cut Frozen Meat & Bone:

When you are cutting the meat or the bone in a frozen state, it may be a bit difficult for the whole cut at once. Softening the meat under running water can be helpful before cutting. If you are in a hurry to cut the frozen meat, then you require a butcher’s saw or an electric knife.

  • Cut with a regular knife- For smooth cuts of meats and bones, the chef’s knife can be used that can feel heavy in hand, and the control is proper. This knife can easily cut the boneless chicken, sausages, and chicken breasts. The frozen meat can also be chopped with a cleaver but can be dangerous when the blade slips.
  • Slice With Electrical Knife- You can plug in an electrical knife and find a flat place for cutting. These knives are best for cutting boneless pieces.


The best butcher knives are available in department stores where kitchen accessories are found. You should understand your requirements and can buy the knives accordingly. If you are dealing with frozen meat, you should know the right equipment and method for cutting it. You should also check the quality of the steel before buying the knife.

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