What Is a Breast Revision and Why You May Need It


Some cosmetic procedures eventually require a second take to achieve better results or correct subsequent breast augmentation complications. This is the case for breast augmentation patients who are unhappy with the results. The patient will schedule a breast revision to get things squared out in such a case.

What Is a Breast Revision?

A breast revision aims to replace old or dissatisfactory breast implants with new ones. Most patients hope to achieve a better appearance after a breast revision which is why most patients will also opt for a breast lift or reduction to be done concurrently. A breast revision surgery is a major surgery that will need you to create time to recover.

Why Do Patients Get Breast Revision?

Most patients get a breast revision to enhance the appearance, but some may get the procedure done to heal pain from capsular contraction or because the implant has migrated or ruptured. Some patients may get a breast revision to change their implants from silicone to saline or vice versa.

How Much Does a Breast Revision Cost?

Because breast revision surgeries are performed for several reasons, they are often highly customized, contributing to a disparity in the amount you pay. Breast revision cost in New York, NY, ranges between $7000 and $15000.

If the initial breast augmentation surgery was elective, the breast revision costs will most likely not be covered by health insurance, so all costs must be covered by the patient. Patients can get several financing options, including credit, loans, and money from friends and family.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Breast Revision?

If you have had breast augmentation done before and are experiencing complications from the procedure, you are a great candidate for a breast revision. Anyone who would like cosmetic surgery on the breasts after a breast augmentation is a good candidate, too, as long as they are in good health. Consult your primary care physical or plastic surgeon for further information.

How to Prepare for a Breast Revision

Before your scheduled breast revision, your doctor will instruct you on what you need to do to prepare for the procedure. This may include:

  • Lab testing or a medical evaluation complete with a consultation to discuss lab results
  • A mammogram to check for any changes in breast tissue
  • Stop or start taking medication to prime your body for the procedure
  • Stop smoking
  • Arrange for transportation and care after the procedure
  • Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory drugs

How Is a Breast Revision Done?

Most breast revisions are outpatient procedures, so you will be in and out of the hospital on the same day. The plastic surgeon will administer medication/ anesthesia for your comfort during the procedure. You can choose between intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. If you can’t choose, your doctor will help you make a choice.

The incisions your surgeon makes will depend on your desired results from the breast revision. You may get an incision around the areola or one underneath the breast folds. Your doctor will then introduce new breast implants for your desired new look and close the incision site.

Breast Revision Q&A

Will a breast revision leave scars?

A breast revision will leave scars where the breast augmentation left scars, so no new scars will be created unless you opt for an additional procedure to be done at the same time.

Who is a good candidate for a breast revision?

A candidate for a breast revision may want the procedure for the following reasons:


  • Loss of implant volume
  • Ruptured implant
  • Capsular contracture
  • tightening of scar tissue
  • Stretching caused by weight gain
  • Dissatisfaction with implant size

Will insurance cover my breast revision?

You can check with your health insurance provider, but most health insurance covers do not cover breast revisions, especially if the breast augmentation was elective.

How long does breast revision take?

A breast revision can take about two hours if no other procedures are scheduled. It may take less time if the procedure is relatively straightforward.

Who can not get a breast revision?

If you are pregnant or have another medical condition, you may have to wait before getting a breast revision. If you have plans to lose weight, it may be a good idea to lose weight first and then get a breast revision.

How long will breast revision recovery take?

After one to two weeks, you will have recovered enough to get back to work and return to your old routine. Your doctor will advise you to ease back into things and avoid driving if you take any strong pain medication that can make you loopy. It is essential to only do things your plastic surgeon has cleared you for.

Can I breastfeed after a breast revision?

Most patients can breastfeed after a breast revision, especially if they have expressed the desire to do so to their plastic surgeon.

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