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Despite all the hype about their new content, iflix is in financial trouble. They’ve just signed a deal with Disney, and are currently seeking financing to continue their operations. They are also launching a new service that will allow users to stream original content and WeTV content.

Disney deal

iflix, a Malaysian subscription video on demand service, has entered into a content deal with The Walt Disney Company, the company announced on August 22, 2017. The deal will allow iflix to distribute content from Disney in South East Asia.

The deal will also allow iflix to distribute Touchstone Pictures and Touchstone Studios, the film studio behind classic films such as Armageddon and Good Dino. It’s not yet known how much Disney will spend on original content.

iflix will offer customers access to Disney’s library of movies and TV shows, which will include classics such as The Jungle Book and Frozen. They will also have access to Disney Marvel Studios productions such as Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. These movies and TV shows will be available to stream in HD and upgraded audio formats.

Disney and iflix will also work together on a new Disney Maker Studios project. The partnership will allow Disney to produce a new iflix original series. The deal will also allow iflix customers to access Disney content via the Disney-Pixar and Marvel-branded channels. The Disney-Pixar and Marvel-branded SVoD channels will feature movies from Disney-Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios and Disney Channel.

The Disney deal with iflix also includes a content extension for the company’s ABC shows. This will allow iflix customers in South East Asia to watch episodes of The Jungle Book, Cars, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, ABC’s Scrubs, and more. They will also be offered full season box sets of hit dramas such as Castle, Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds.

In addition to its content deal with Disney, iflix has also secured a major investment from Liberty Global, Sky and Hearst. The company currently operates in 19 markets across Asia and the Middle East. They are expected to grow to 6.5 million subscribers by 2021.

As iflix expands across Asia, it will begin to distribute Disney Studios movies. Disney’s films include blockbusters such as Tangled, Cars, The Jungle Book and The Incredibles.

WeTV deal

Earlier this year, Chinese internet giant Tencent purchased Malaysian video streaming platform iflix. Tencent’s purchase is part of its wider push to expand its TV division. It also operates popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and music streaming service JOOX. It has also been rumoured to be considering a takeover of rival Chinese streaming service iQiyi.

iflix had big plans. It launched a ZSports channel last March. It also has a library of international movies and TV series. It has been reported that it has over 25 million subscribers in Southeast Asia. It has also signed a multi-year partnership with Philippine entertainment giant ABS-CBN Entertainment.

The iflix app has a WeTV tab and a new UI interface that enables users to adjust the video quality. The app also highlights local content. It also offers a reminder for upcoming shows that are coming soon.

The iflix website also has a WeTV tab. It also has an original Chinese content library. It also allows users to pick up where they left off. It also has speed options.

The iflix and WeTV partnership has also led to the announcement of a handful of original Chinese shows. It also has a nifty new feature: a Coming Soon reminder.

The iflix and WeTV partnership will be a part of a major content push for 2021. The two companies have also been known to collaborate on licensed content.

The iflix app and WeTV have also partnered to launch an original Chinese show called Huwag Kang Mangamba. It stars Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri and Seth Fedelin. The show also has a P99 monthly subscription fee. It premieres on April 17. It is set in a fictional town.

Despite the rumor of a possible sale, it looks like the iflix brand will be in good hands with Tencent. It also has a slew of mega investors.

It also has a hefty library of international movies and TV series. Its app boasts of 25 million subscribers in Southeast Asia. Its website boasts of having over 2.5 billion minutes of video viewed in a month. It also has a handful of Korean series.

Financial difficulties

OTT video streaming service Iflix has been a longtime underdog. While it competes with rivals like Netflix and HOOQ, it is best known for its focus on Asian markets. Its competitors have also been racking up the big bucks, but its slick mobile app and growing subscriber base have helped it stay afloat. However, the company has struggled to stay on top of the competitive fray, which has prompted it to cut costs in a number of ways. In April, Iflix laid off 50 employees to cut costs and boost its focus on the lucrative Southeast Asian markets.

The company is also planning to make a splash on the IPO circuit in the near future. It has a slew of investors, including EMC, Sky and Catcha Group. It has also been said to be working on a late-2019 listing. But as with any tech company, there are always rumors of impending doom.

The company said it had about US12.7 million in cash reserves as of September. It also said it had enough of the aforementioned aforementioned to cover its overheads through November. However, it is unclear whether the company has been able to pay off its debts. In fact, iflix’s recent financial woes aren’t the first time it has been in debt. But it did manage to secure a new round of funding led by Fidelity International. The company also cited the coronavirus as a major reason for its recent woes. It has also lost out on a number of content rights deals, including a 10-year deal to stream Malaysian Super League football games and a deal to bring beIN Sports to Southeast Asia.

The company has also been forced to cut costs, including a new round of layoffs. Among the cuts, it announced the “biggest” slash, but it is unclear how many employees will be affected. However, the company is looking to make up for the lost revenue by investing in productions of higher quality, which will help it stay one step ahead of its competitors. And it may also have been on its way to an eventual breakup.

Original content

iflix is an online TV streaming service based in Malaysia. It serves customers in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It has more than five million registered users and over 2.5 billion minutes of content viewed each month. The service offers original content, sports, movies, and television shows. The company is also known for subscribing customers on behalf of mobile carriers. Iflix has partnered with more than 170 content distributors, including Fox and Disney.

Iflix plans to quadruple its slate of originals by the end of 2019. The company plans to commission 50 new titles in 2019, with 12 original television series and 30 films. The company plans to add more original sports shows and music-focused shows to its slate. Iflix is betting big on hyperlocal content. It aims to give local creators a platform to express themselves.

In December, the company expanded its Prime Video service worldwide. The company has also been increasing its focus on emerging markets. It has invested in overseas media, and is working with local internet companies. In December, it signed distribution deals with mobile operators.

The company has also been actively working to increase its live content. The service provides a variety of live shows and sports matches, as well as concerts and other live events. The company has also partnered with YouTube creators to produce short-form Originals. The content studio, called Studio 2:15, is on track to produce 2,500 individual episodes. It is also working with local celebrities to produce playlists.

The company’s content strategy has been focused on Asia. For example, it has commissioned two original comedy specials. In addition, it has premiered a straight-from-the-film feature film, Susah Sinyal, and a KL Special Forces mini-series. It also has produced a pan-regional alternative culture docuseries called Coconuts TV.

Iflix has also been working on original content production for the Middle East and Africa. The company has also signed a deal with Malaysia-based indie production firm Skop Productions to produce undisclosed mini-series. Iflix plans to commission more local content for the Middle East and Africa.

The company plans to localize popular programs such as variety, drama, animation and comedy.

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