What Does the Future of Animation Look Like In 2023?


You can’t expect growth to happen to you while you stick to the role handed to you. No, that’s not how the future would allow, warn experts.

The time for animators getting busy with film and TV work is coming to an end. 

Experts from Texas animation studios believe that the future of animation is challenging. Lines between various categories will blur eventually courtesy of the expanding meta space. 

Animators can’t just focus on money when the whole environment is changing the shape of the elements present. 

The job of the animator of the future is not to eye money, but that’s what businesses would do. It’s their job to check animated video pricing

Growth in animation would depend on several factors. 

If you want to find out what the future of animation looks like, keep reading to find out.

Learn about the animation pipeline

Animators are meant to be dynamic. You can’t expect growth to happen to you while you stick to the role that was handed to you. No, that’s not how the future would allow, warn experts. 

Students or grads in the animation industry should learn the entire animation pipeline. Learning about an extensive variety of roles would help you to figure out which stream is best for your career. 

With the metaverse making so many promises and offering new opportunities, most of the grads of the future would enter industries they had not even thought of. 

According to experts, architectural visualization is a domain that will have boosted growth. 

Lots of opportunities are coming your way if you’re dedicated to learning and experimenting. In short, if you like a scrap, you’ll attract all kinds of wonderful growth opportunities.   

Animators will need to adopt new skills

There’s no single career path for growth in animation. New entrants will need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. If you’re willing to juggle multiple roles, then it’s good news!

Be passionate to learn and try new things. You’ll be asked to master new skills as new trends pick up steam. So, don’t hesitate to do that. Don’t be rigid. Allow yourself to learn and try new things, and polish your current skills. 

More emphasis will be on storytelling (as always)

Experts believe more emphasis will be on storytelling. While the metaverse is a buzzy word, it covers everything from AI to virtual reality and augmented reality. 

It’s no surprise that the future will have jaw-dropping technologies. The customer experience will be unique and possibly dreamy. But, at the heart of that experience is storytelling! No one can deny that. 

Stories are what keep audiences connected to brands. Stories inspire people to establish deep connections. Tell a good story!

No matter how good you’re at animations, if your work cannot provoke strong emotions from an audience, you need to rethink and recreate something that actually matters to people on a deeper level. 

That’s how important storytelling is. 

The challenge for you as an aspiring animator or artist is not curating amazing animations, but it is understanding how your work would actually fit in as a key part of the story. Ask yourself, how your artwork fits in the puzzle.

Is it telling a compelling story? Is it truly inspiring? What else can I do to connect my audience to the entire product? 

Don’t just focus on what you did. But, figure out how exactly the entire film, product or campaign would connect to the audience. 

In short, emphasize more on storytelling. Your challenge as an animator would be to find out how the new technologies inspire audiences. 

Spy on your viewers and find out what they want. You need to have full knowledge of their expectations and what kind of experience they want when they choose to interact with these technologies. 

Start small

That’s the most precious advice to any animator out there. You don’t have to be a perfectionist. Don’t imagine a blockbuster idea just to find out that you need a million-dollar budget to bring it to life. 

But, take a deep breath and start small. 

Starting small does not mean, you’d make a measly amount of money. But it’s about sharing your personal stories. We are advising you to bring your voice to the limelight. 

Streaming services like Netflix, Prime, and others want content that has a personal touch. They’re voicing new ideas, identities, and much more. 

That shows that the future will be full of people coming up with diverse voices, allowing audiences to relate to them in a different, yet compelling fashion. 

The metaverse would streamline connectivity allowing people to interact and share diverse voices, and tell entirely different, yet touching stories that have inspiring characters. 

We’ll also see more intense growth in personal branding, especially in the meta space. With the future having so much to offer, it’s only a matter of time before you can spew your creative ideas, and build a loyal and loving audience. 

Let’s not eye for blockbuster production. Tell personal stories, and try to interact and share.

The future will allow you to turn your personal story into a blockbuster. 

And, that future is Now!

Offer value as an animator (Don’t forget this one)

As an artist, you want to have a good value on offer. You can provide technical training to aspirants. That would help you get your name out and gain solid recognition for B2B. 

Create a lead magnet. Try to offer value for FREE. That draws people towards you. The future will be of people who are willing to offer a lot more for FREE. 

Bottom line

Let’s wrap it up. Animators won’t be siloed into VFX, TV, and Film any longer. The fact that Web 3.0 has picked up steam, there will be tons of new opportunities for animators. To keep a competitive edge, animators would need to be flexible, creative, and passionate to learn. 

If you’re eyeing growth in the future, pay more attention to;

  • Learning the animation pipeline
  • Adapting new skills
  • Offering value as a creator
  • Telling stories
  • Catch your voice and tell personal stories

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