What Does Asian Plastic Surgery Entail?


Asian Plastic Surgery involves cosmetic facial enhancement for Asian patients to improve their appearance while preserving their cultural identity.

You can find a professional, board-certified Asian plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to perform a cosmetic transformation that will make you more confident about your face and body while preserving your facial features.

What Does Asian Cosmetic Surgery Involve?

Asian plastic surgery can involve eyelid surgery, nose surgery, and jaw reduction to enhance the symmetry of the face. The procedure may entail one of these surgeries or a combination to achieve balance and harmony.

Some common Asian cosmetic surgery procedures include the following:

Asian Double Fold

The upper eyelids of Asians are either full with a slight or no discernible fold. The Asian double-fold eyelid surgery involves making an upper eyelid incision and creating a fold, allowing more of it to show, and making the eyes appear more open.

This cosmetic transformation allows women to wear makeup on the upper eyelid and show it off. This surgical procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and healing takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Asian Rhinoplasty

An Asian nose job helps the patient achieve a higher and more projected nasal bridge. During this procedure, your surgeon may extract cartilage from the ear and surgically build up the area. Some patients may also desire a width reduction and reshaping of the tip, resulting in a more improved profile line.

Asian Jaw Reduction

Many Asians prefer a more heart-shaped face, perceived as the most desirable in their culture. Patients with a square, firmly defined jawline can undergo a jaw reduction procedure to make the jaw align with other facial features.

While these surgical procedures are instantly transformative, the surgeon strives to maintain the patient’s ethnicity while fulfilling their desire for a cosmetic change.

Recovery After an Asian Plastic Surgery

After the facial transformation, normal swelling will occur between the line of sutures and eyelashes. And the eyelids could feel heavier than usual. Since the incisions are constricted to a small area, the swelling could resolve after three to four weeks. And within six weeks, you will start to notice the results.

During recovery, avoid using bright lights on your phone or computer, ensuring you look away periodically. After a few days of healing, you can comfortably exercise upward gazing. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes, as the skin is usually fragile at this time.

Additionally, if your surgeon performed a nose job or jawline reduction, avoid strenuous physical activity for about two weeks to prevent injury to the healing wound. Lastly, follow through with your medication to ensure minimal pain and infection during recovery.

Skincare Tips After an Asian Plastic Surgery

After an Asian plastic surgery, you should always clean and moisturize your skin to prevent dryness while ensuring no harsh elements in the moisturizing creams. Drinking plenty of water will help your skin remain vibrant and heal quickly.

It would help if you avoided the direct sun, as UV rays can affect the healing process and make the scars darken. Wear a hat to prevent sunburn when you have to be outdoors.

Finally, keep your head elevated using a comfortable pillow to reduce the amount of swelling. And when cleaning up the face, use a gentle salicylic acid cleanser, followed by a gentle rub with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol to dry blackheads off.

If you need ice to relieve the swelling, avoid placing it directly on the wound and instead use cold packs.

Asian Plastic Surgery FAQ

Q: Is swelling normal after an Asian plastic surgery?

A: Swelling is normal during the healing process but resolves within three to four weeks after surgery.

Q: Why is it risky to use tobacco products during recovery?

A: Tobacco constricts vessels that carry blood to your healing wound, leading to slow healing.

Q: How long should I avoid strenuous activities after plastic surgery?

A: You should rest from straining activities for about two weeks after surgery to give you enough time to heal.

Q: Is Asian plastic surgery painful?

A: Cosmetic surgery is performed under anesthesia for your comfort, and even after surgery, your surgeon will prescribe medication that promotes quick healing.

Q: Is there scarring visible after surgery?

A: Scars are visible for the first few weeks after surgery, but they resolve and become unnoticeable after a few months.

Q: How long does an Asian rhinoplasty procedure last?

A: An Asian nose job lasts between one and a half to three hours.

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