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Sandvik 14C28N Blade Pocket Folding Knife


  • SANDVIK STAINLESS STEEL 14C28N BLADE — One of highest performance stainless steel blade In the world (Used For Military Knives); Titanium coated blade, with good anti-corrosion property, the edge is ground 3 times slower than most blades increasing
  • PREMIUM DESIGN — 4 Oz lightweight pocket carry design for everyday carry gear, great for hunting, camping and outdoor
  • ERGONOMICS AND PORTABILITY — G10 embedded aluminum handle embedded for high friction grip and durability; Reversible pocket clip makes convenient both for left and right handed users
  • VACUUM HARDENED, UP TO HRC62 — Almost the highest blade hardness on the market, ultra-long lasting edge retention; Our blade undergoes sharpening twice making it razor sharp
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY AND IMMEDIATE 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE — Steinbrucke will make you 100% satisfied with the products and services. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us to refund or replace the product

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Purchase Link:https://amzn.to/3CewT2E

This is the most basic folding knife that all should have for defending themselves. It owns fundamental features of a STEINBRÜCKE pocket knife, such as the compact and lightweight design with the dimension of 5 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches and stainless steel blade.

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For instance, its blade is coated with titanium, which enables it to improve anti-corrosion properties. Also, STEINBRÜCKE manufactures the edge with three times slower and twofold honing process compared to standard blades to make it sharper.

The most important characteristic is you can operate this folding knife only with one hand. That’s because it possesses a thumb slot for you to open it smoothly and promptly.

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Thanks to the liner lock, this knife aids in preventing sudden opening and closing, which is extremely safe to use. This feature is not always available in many other folding knives. The handle is better than other varieties due to the G10 embedded aluminum for better durability and a high frictional grip.

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