What Causes Scalp Sores and How To Get Rid of Them

One of the most embarrassing things is loss of hair, baldness, and bald patches on the head.  Hair is called the crowning glory and when people suffer from hair problems it directly impacts their personality, affects negatively on the confidence, and acts as a reason for humiliation. If you are someone who is facing the issues then you can relate to feelings of avoiding social gatherings, emotional stress, and lack of confidence, and fear of being ignored. It not only affects the personal life but also the professional life by poor interpersonal skills. With multiple hair problems raising due to sores a dermatologist will diagnose the scalp condition and suggest suitable Shampoo For Scalp Sores

Folliculitis is commonly known as an infection that occurs in the hair follicles causing sores on the scalp. Theses sores or scabs which are present on the scalp are not very harmful and can be cleared up easily with home remedies. Sometimes they can be symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, or head lice that need treatment.
Such sores and scabs which are present on the scalp is not contagious and proper medical treatment will control the skin conditions however few personal hygiene steps that prevent such problems are washing hands thoroughly, washing hair regularly, avoiding excessive touching and scratching the scalp, using good quality shampoo and products which do not cause any skin irritation.

 Initially, you may not find it very irritating but as it keep growing it leads to many scalp infections and serious conditions which are dandruff, hair thinning, hair fall, shingles and more. It is a painful blister or a bump on the scalp which is made only caused due to infections in the hair shaft or skin it is also a condition that occurs after skin allergies viral infections like shingles and chickenpox. These scalp sores are either small or big for example you can find one small patch or many small patches that form into a big scab. Scabs are rough and hard when you touch the skin feels bumpy and might also have blisters

Causes for scalp sores

Head lice

When you are a kid you don’t feel that head lice can cause scalp infections because generally, in the school or while children play there are many situations where one can get head lice. It is not immediately controlled or removed head lice, can cause a lot of itching and scratching and if it continues for a longer period it will definitely infect the scalp. Head lice are very contagious they easily fly from one person it is also transferred due to sharing of pillows or towels. You can treat headlice with many otc shampoos and medication.


It can occur with the virus that causes chickenpox. Generally, it only affects the skin but sometimes it also affects the scalp. Shingles are small blisters that turn into yellow crusty bumps after a while. It is a condition that continues for a long duration and the painful blisters often trigger headache and facial weakness. It requires dermatologists to prescribe medication which can be topical, anti-virus medicines, and pain killers.  


Most people try new cosmetics and hair solutions that include harmful ingredients. Using too many chemicals, hair dyes, heat styling equipment deteriorate the hair follicles and weaken the tresses. Also, the chemicals cause allergic reactions which lead to conditions like Dermatitis.  It can be treated with over-the-counter ointments.


A very common scalp problem is dandruff; it can be identified with dry flaky white-colored particles falling off of the scalp.  It is not contagious but it is very annoying and embarrassing. Speaking to a doctor will help you to completely remove dandruff; it is good to first consult a doctor because shampooing regularly will only help if you know the suitable shampoo. 


It is a skin condition that occurs on any part of the body, the white, grey, and silver scabs spread on the scalp and irritate the skin.  Shampoos with salicylic acid will help to reduce the symptoms, at times when the lymph nodes start to swell it is important to consult a dermatologist.


You have eczema when there are itchy and red sores, the sores irritate the person and increase the suffering with itchiness. Scratching the sores will lead to bleeding and form into blisters. 

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