What can I do after my graduation in Business Communication?


A business communications qualification can open doors to a wide range of careers. This includes the field of employment for those who are passionate about engaging with interpersonal communications between a business entity and the public. 

From assisting an organization with ads or commercials creation to promote products or services for government divisions. You can get your hands on all these and more if you consider opting for Business communication degree. Here are a couple of professional roles that might be of interest to you. Read on to explore about BA business communication.

  • Public relations specialist
    They are experts who create a favourable public image and maintain it for their client or employer. Additionally, such professionals may engage in writing material for media releases.
  • Technical writer
    They are professional information communicators who translate information between two or more parties. Also known as technical communicators, they are required to how-to guides, prepare instruction manuals or technical journal articles.
  • News analyst
    These professionals analyze examine and interpret broadcast news received from diverse sources. Sometimes called newscasters or news anchor they inform the public about current works at radio stations.
  • Lobbyist
    They are specialist advocates whose task is to influence political decisions on behalf of potential clients. They are hired to persuade an official group or politician to act on something
  • Journalist
    They are trained professionals who collect, write, process, photograph, edit or comment on the news for the public. They report news stories about almost everything, from sports and beauty to social issues and politics.
  • Speechwriter
    They outsource speech content and transform it into a persuasive speech to be delivered. Experts such as these are recruited by executives in the government,senior-level elected officials and private business owners. 
  • Government affairs specialist
    Their primary job is to care policies at the state and national levels. They do so by initiating, preparing, interpreting, reviewing and monitoring administrative and legislative regulations.
  • Sales representative
    These professionals sell products to organizations, private firms, and governments on behalf of manufacturers or wholesalers. In brief, the market and promote the merchandise for them.
  • Admissions counsellor
    Also known as guidance counsellors these specialist spend their vital hours handling behavioural problems among their students. From responding to inquiries to scheduling presentations and workshops, they engage in everything.
  • Movie reviewer
    These professionals craft a professional review of the latest films. They help audiences determine whether or not they should spend time watching a movie or no.

Guess what? According to recent data published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average pay of public relations expertise somewhere between $44,490 and $81,550. Now imagine what you can earn, as you climb up the hierarchical ladder, in other demanding areas within the realms of business communication.

Besides, you can find work at almost any type of business organization, including non-profit companies, corporate businesses, government agencies and educational institutes. Jump onto this exciting professional journey today by browsing our website and clicking on the ‘APPLY’ button. Good luck!

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