What are the steps for cleaning a washing machine naturally?

Few home appliances don’t get the required TLC, and washing machines are definitely one of them. As per advice of cleaning expert Melissa Maker one should clean washers of a washing machine  at least once in a month depending on how often they use them. There are many advantages of cleaning a washing machine regularly, it will eliminate moldy smells caused by soap and fabric softener build up.Cleaning a washing machine naturally is much better than using bleach to clean it.  Many homemade cleaners are there through which one can clean the washing machine almost on a regular basis. Homemade washing machine cleaner helps to reduce the expenses for cleaning your washing machine and also ensures long life of the machine and a high quality wash. Here are the few steps how you can make an absolutely homemade diy washing machine cleaner:

First, Start with an empty washing machine and add 2 cups of baking soda into the machine directly. This will help to scrub the washing machine from inside and will clean those stale moldy odours that are left behind from old soap and surf deposits. Initiate a long hot water cycle and leave it like that for a few minutes.

 Secondly, add 2 cups of plain white vinegar and 10 drops of lavender oil, which helps to remove mineral deposits and also act as a disinfectant.After running another longest hottest cycle leave it like that for another few minutes.

After completing both the cycles, wipe down the drum and agitator of the washing machine using a cotton cloth with vinegar. If there remains any stain,you can quickly remove it by rubbing a paste of baking soda and water with a sponge. Now you need to wipe the front load washers of the machine with a cotton cloth after dipping it into the mixture of white vinegar and lavender oil.

Next you can clean the exterior parts of the washing machine including detergent dispensers, cracks and crevices, and the door frame. Clean the inside and outside of the door of the washing machine with a cotton cloth and mixture of vinegar and water. One can clean the grimy areas with toothbrush and baking soda and finally clean everything with a clean cotton cloth.You can also clean your dispenser trays by soaking and then can wipe it clean.

It is absolutely necessary to clean a washing machine once in a month to keep it well maintained and smelling fresh. Soap residue, minerals and chemicals from the detergent can lock the washing machine from inside and prevent it from functioning properly.It can create a thin film which traps bacteria  and clog the inner mechanism. This thin strap of lingering detergent also traps odour particles which will allow your washer to emite stinky smells which also can come from your clothes.So to protect your family from germs and infection you need to keep the washing machine clean and fresh and for that the above mentioned process is the best. It is absolutely safe and time saving to clean your washing machine by an affordable homemade washing machine cleaner. Many other tutorials for cleaning a washing machine will recommend using bleach, but bleach is  a toxic cleaner and is harmful for the machine,it is not good for septic systems which requires a certain amount of bacteria to break down matter. But a diy washing machine cleaner is absolutely safe for septic tanks and washer components, it is very machine friendly.

It is necessary to clean washing machine with the help of a washing machine cleaner to maintain its long life and quality of the wash.

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