What are the Key Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?


Modern society has hypsersexualized breasts in a way that stopped looking at them as the potential problems they can be. The truth is that large breasts can hurt a woman over time, which is why breast reduction surgery can help the 3 p’s: Pain, posture, and personal life.

Constant Pain Lifted

Large breasts can be the cause of a lot of pain in women from the weight on their bodies all the time. The constant force of gravity pushing down on their breasts can cause chronic pain in their spine, which translates to their back and neck. 

More than the obvious weight, though, large breasts can cause chafing underneath and be extremely uncomfortable for women. Throw on the fact that the weight can tighten bra straps against their skin and you’ve got a lot of unnecessary pain.

Breast reduction surgery can alleviate these problems and help with spinal pain for the long-term, which is why many women consider the operation.

Better Posture

How you stand and sit is affected by your back which, if the spinal issues above are any indication, can make having good posture a struggle for women with larger breasts. The weight and gravity can pull women down, causing poor posture for their back and shoulders.

This can compound with the chronic pain and make it unbearable for some women to stand comfortably. This vicious cycle can be helped after a reduction, because the loss of weight in the front can help balance them out and ease the strain on their spine.

Invigorate Your Life

Life’s too short to be in constant pain and a woman should be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Unfortunately, large breasts can get in the way of a few things so reduction surgery can help in four major ways.

Breathe Easy

The weight of large breasts on a woman’s chest can make it difficult for her to breathe right, so breast reduction can help. By getting the procedure done, you’ll be able to take deeper breaths and relax better.

Enjoy Exercise Again

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with breathing easier, but one of the biggest complaints by women with large breasts is exercise. Not only can the back pain prevent them from enjoying exercise, but large breasts can get in the way or hurt without proper support.

Of course, even with a sports bra running can still be painful. Speaking of sports bras, there’s a benefit many don’t think of.

Stores Have What You Need

A lot of women can relate with going to the store looking for a cute bra or shirt only to go home empty-handed. Even worse is when they find a bra but the store doesn’t carry their size or a shirt that comes up too far in the front because of their assets.

After your breast reduction, stores will be more likely to carry your bra size and you’ll probably be able to wear anything you want without concern. That sounds like some nice icing on the cake of benefits.

Confidence is Key

The last, and possibly most important, aspect of how much breast reduction surgery can improve a woman’s quality of life is the confidence that it can give her. Aside from chronic pain, one of the biggest problems among women with large breasts is self-esteem.

Because of gravity and age, large breasts can begin to sag over time or cause stretch marks. Discomfort with their image is one of the biggest struggles that affect women in general, so if there’s something that can help them feel better it should at least be considered.

Some women feel better with smaller, perky breasts and go with a breast reduction procedure to gain confidence. Many women consider a breast lift coupled with or after the reduction for this reason, but it’s not always necessary. 

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