What Are The Different Types Of Contact Lenses?


Ready to explore the world clearly but without glasses? Yes, you have read that right. Now you don’t have to rely on your glasses to see things more clearly and visibly. Contact lenses can be your new companion from on. This small yet mind-blowing gift of science can make your life easier.

But what type of lens is suitable for you? This is a common question of the new users. For that reason, in this article, we will tell you about the different types of lenses. So, you can know lens and hence can choose the perfect one for you. 

Different Types Of Contact Lenses:

Since its first introduction in 1945, contact lenses have been ungraded with time according to the user’s demand. That’s why now you can find various types of lenses in the market. But all of them can be classified into two general sectors with some subdivisions. 

  • Soft Lenses 
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses
  • Both of them have subdivisions like daily use lens, extended use lens, disposable lens, coloured lens, hybrid lens, monovision, multifocal/bifocal, etc. Let’s take a glance at all the divisions.

Soft Contact Lens:

Soft contact lenses are generally made of soft, flexible, water containing, gel-like plastic polymers called hydrogels. Soft lenses are very thin and allow oxygen to pass through the cornea. This lens is very flexible and soft, which makes it super comfortable. If you are a new user, a soft lens is a preferably better choice. 

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens: 

This lens is comparatively less flexible and relatively rigid than a soft lens. It may take some weeks or months to get adjusted with this lens. However, once you are used to it, it feels as comfortable as a soft lens. It is gas permeable, which means oxygen can pass through it. This type of lens is more durable and gives sharper visibility. 

Hybrid Lens: 

They have the characteristics of both soft and RGP lenses. They can give you sharp eyesight without compromising with comfort. This is because they have the RGP lens elements covered with a layer of soft lens components. 

Disposable Lens: 

This type of contact lens needs to be thrown away after it’s limited usage time. A disposable lens is available for both daily use or extended use. Some of the lenses need to be disposed of after using one time. Some can work for weeks or so. 

Coloured Lens: 

Nowadays, people like to wear different colour lenses to get some innovative looks. The most common colours for lenses are grey, blue, and green. But now, other colours like red, pink, yellow and many more are gaining popularity. If you also want to try something new, check out https://www.cosplaylens.com website. They have a vast collection of the lens.

 Extended Wear Lens: 

If you think changing lens every day is pretty hectic, you can use extended wear contact lenses. They may come a little, though. Also, continuously using them for a long time can cause itchiness, dryness to your eyes. So, we only suggest it for occasional use.

Last words: 

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. We have tried to give you the necessary information about different types of contact lenses. Now you can easily choose whichever fits you the best. We wish you a better life without glasses! 

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