What Are The Different Features Of The Call Of Duty?


Call of duty is a video game that includes a shooter game and is loved by people worldwide. The game is gaining popularity as it is confined to world war two and using a different version that influences the players. For the last decades, new versions are adding to the game. That’s the reason for holding the interest of players. 

There are plenty of new features added to the game with time. The best feature is the use of cold war hacks in the game. There is a proper strategy to use as this will take a player to the next level and be in-game for a longer run. A mission in a game with its features and player has to fulfill objectives to go to the next level. Additionally, features like Elo Boosting services have also been added in multiplayer games like League of Legends, Call of duty, Rise of Kingdoms, etc. The game was introduced worldwide in 2003 and on 29th October. Within a short time, the game became the top game and played by many people all around. So here are certain features that are added in the game to influence the players, that are discussed below-

. Choice of many players- 

In the call of duty, there is a given option to choose many players. There is freedom for players, as in a single-player, there are multiple endings by Treyarch. This will be beneficial in changing the view of the game. There are different decisions that a player makes throughout the game, and linked to the decisions, the game will take a different side.

The things added in the call of a duty game are something very new, which is not seen earlier. The different feature is the black ops with unique elements with different storylines, which makes the game interesting. Mostly call of duty uses a single player for the action, but these new features make a different feel.

. Speedy gameplay –

Another feature is more focused on removing instead of adding on. The best part of the game is there will not be any mounting weapons, or there will not be any door peaking. This is a fantastic benefit for the multiplayer in the cold war. It was done to remove the useless elements from the game. All such elements make the game to delay, so the processing of such unwanted stuff is helpful in speedy gameplay.

. Class is created –

The most exciting feature that is a class is created that is the feature added earlier. But the main thing here is to improve what is there. There are specific cold war hacks that must be used wisely. 

The different part of the game is about gunsmith that is again introduced in the game. This part’s benefit is that 54 attachments can be done in a more innovative version as and when the warfare started. The comeback of the game is coming with the possibility of upto eight attachments with the weapons.

. Improvement in cross-play –

Another improvement is made in the game by taking care of cross-play, and differently, it’s returning. This is the feature that has joined many players all around and supports the game to gain popularity.

The game is bringing the cross-platform to the table with add on feature of cross-generation. There is an example that any Xbox player can be added to another player of PS5. So this is the benefits that the player of call of duty is getting.

.Continuation of warzone –

The best part is warzone is continued in call of duty and also gets support with black ops. The players can best use the cold war hacks to win the game. The best news for the players who love to play in a warzone is seasonal DLC, and most importantly, the content will be provided to the Tandem.

This will offer an excellent chance for players to operate in the longer run.

. DLC packs-

For many years there was a system of getting different DLC packs of four. For this, a player has to pay $15. This was the continued system that was going on for many years. But later, there was a model of free DLC that has made the system far better.

So the DLC pack is unpaid for some time. That is the add on factor of the game.

. Matchmaking with skill-based-

This is the feature that is beneficial for players and is why players are in the game. The skill-based feature cannot be skipped. It is the feature that will bow now found in modern warfare. The matchmaking is carried on by the time of WW II. 

It has been recommended that this fantastic feature cannot be removed and will be presented in the same form as it is. It is the best feature to grab the attention of the players towards the game.

. Supply is not anymore –

 Another part of the call of duty is the players are not interested in the supply. All players hate to see this feature, as players feel good to grab the cosmetics instead of taking or purchasing the items. 

The players feel difficulty earning money to gran the things; it feels like wastage of time earns the things.

. introduction of minimap and players can earn weapon –

 For the past few years, there is an introduction of a mini-map that is the most adorable game features. The game the map is designed uniquely, and people love that.

Also, players can give the amount for taking the weapons, which is far useful and better than other free guns recognized as standard. This is the right and enhancing part of the game.


All the above features are importantly introduced in the game to grab the players’ attention and hold it for a long time. The discussed features help learn the game with ease and use the cold war hacks in a better way. Cold to play is a widely accepted game and has helped to gain various mind skills.

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