What Are The Checklists For Organizing A Party?


Planning an event can be tasking and sometimes overwhelming, one can easily miss some important menu all because they weren’t captured earlier.

Professional party planners just like the leading party organizer in Bali are already acquainted with the knowledge of having a comprehensive checklist for any event.

Keep reading to get a guide when planning a party.

Party Checklist

A Month Ahead:

1. Get A Date, Time And Location

Doing this early gives you ample time to plan, inform your guests, secure a location  and make other bookings for your event.

2. Get A Theme

A good reason to get your theme early enough is so that your guests will be properly informed and also you can align your decor and every other activity with your theme. You’ll have ample time thinking through your desired theme for your event.

3. Draft A Budget

Having known the number of guests you wish to invite, the venue, proposed time and date, you can draft out a suiting budget. Don’t be moved to go beyond your capacity to impress people, always work based on what you have.

4. Have A Guestlist

Your guest list covers all those you wish to invite especially if it’s a private party. Your list should also include the contact of your guests. Have in mind that, most times, not all your guests will show up on the D-day.

5. Confirm The Location

If you’re hosting it yourself, that’s a settled deal but if not, you’ll have to confirm the availability of the venue you choose to hire to avoid clashes.

6. Book Entertainment And Other Services

If you intend inviting a live band, your favorite musician, or a DJ, give them an update early enough. Don’t forget you need the service of a photographer.

7. Send Out Invitations

Using your guest list, send out invitations which bears the theme, dress code, date, time and any other important info of the party.

A Week Ahead:

1. Sketch A Programme

Bring up a draft in your head on how the event should go, if you need guidance, surf the net to get clues.

2. Create A Team

Organising a party is demanding, you can get helpers who will handle key aspects of the party to enable you have a good time.

3. Confirm Deliveries

Whatever you’ve ordered for the party; cakes, decor materials and all should be set for pickup.

4. Build A Playlist

Music is the life of a party, if you hire a DJ or not, you should have a playlist of your choice. Do a soundcheck to avoid uncertainties.

5. Remind Your Guests

Send a follow-up mail to your guests, keep them updated about the event.

The D-Day:

1. Do Your Decor

Interior decor should be done few hours into the party. Do this smartly and don’t forget, your decor should be in line with your theme.

2. Play Music

Whatever medium you intend using, music should be up before your guests arrive. It sets the atmosphere in a special way.

3. Welcome Your Guests

Do this with a smile, have them connect with each other, share a personal statement about the party and make them feel at home.

4. Relax

With the help of your team, you should have less worries during the party, hence, enjoy the event.

After The Party:

1. Appreciate Everyone

Do this after the party, just a short speech will do. Thank both guests, venue managers, every other person that contributed to the success of your party.

2. Clean-up

You can hire a company to help with this or your team takes it up. Make sure the venue is perfectly organized.

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