What are the Best approaches to Organizational Change Management?


 Change is inevitable besides being the need of the hour. Every organization makes changes in its policies and infrastructure with time. This is essential to remain in tune with the times.

Change management software assists in change management and makes the overall process smooth. Although many such tools are available nowadays, they are not being put to optimum use due to a lack of knowledge about them.

Let’s throw some light on some of these change management tools.

An organization may decide to bring about certain changes in its policy, strategy, structure, technology etc. Sometimes this change is desirable and well-planned whereas it may be forced on the organization due to various reasons. Regardless of the reason behind the change, it requires a lot of effort and adjustment. It is not easy for the employees to let go of the old ways and takes them a lot of time to come to terms with the new methodology of working. People tend to get used to a way of working and subconsciously resist change. This is why it becomes essential to devise a strategy for a smooth transition. Needless to say that a successful change strategy provides much-needed reassurance to the employees and boosts their confidence to adapt to the new way of working.

It is necessary to identify the type of organizational change before preparing a customized strategy for the same. Organizational change may be broadly classified into four types:

  • Strategic Transformational Change involves big changes resulting in a complete changeover.
  • People-Centric Organizational Change involves changes in policies and rules that have a direct effect on the employees.
  • Structural Change involves a change in hierarchy, the addition of new departments or closing down a redundant one.
  • Remedial Change involves changes in response to a certain situation. These changes are not planned but need to be implemented immediately

Here are some useful tools that are a boon for an organization. You just need to decide which one of them will be useful for your organization.

  1. Whatfix
  2. BMC Remedy Change Management 9
  3. StarTeam
  4. Rocket Aldon
  5. Change Gear Change management


This software handholds the users, giving detailed step by step instructions to finish the task at hand. It is a digital adoption platform (DAP) that helps users understand every feature of the technology and make full use of it. Whatfix can be easily integrated with SCORM-compliant LMS. These LMSs and helpdesks have PDFs, videos, slideshows which are very user friendly.

The personalised training programs and interactive walkthroughs available here are very convenient. 24*7 support is always available to resolve any query.

BMC Remedy Change Management 9

This software is ideal for the IT department where a lot of documentation and coordination is required during change management. It is an advanced IT service management (ITSM) platform developed by BMC Software.

Managers can easily accommodate change management requests quickly while monitoring the progress made in its implementation. It helps in sending automatic notifications to all stakeholders thus reducing the chances of a change failure by as much as 40%. Access via a mobile application makes it very convenient to use.

Star Team

If your development team needs improvement in their software delivery procedure then Star Team’s change management tool is the right option for you. This tool provides a collaborative environment that helps in tracking the changes back to its source code. A single source of truth is provided as the organization moves forward with the change process, thus bringing global teams together for a smooth change.

Rocket Aldon

Rocket Aldon is a multi-platform software providing end to end configuration. The USP is that several users can use it simultaneously.

Rocket Aldon also provides an enterprise Application Lifestyle Management solution and the whole process is automatic.

ChangeGear Change management

This change management software is based on ITIL. It can perform multiple roles. It has built-in change model workflows for DevOps, ITIL and business processes. It is also equipped with a dashboard for visual reporting.

Organizational change has become a necessity in this ever-changing world. If it is carried out in a well-planned manner it will prove beneficial and productive and all stakeholders will easily adapt to it.

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