What are the Best Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring?


Solid timber is the most sought-after flooring material in many houses. The main reason for choosing timber over other materials is that it is natural and timeless. It provides warmth underfoot and can deliver a unique, luxurious character. However, the production and supply of timber are constrained now, so, we have come up with a list of other materials that can be used as an alternative to solid timber flooring.

Merbau Timber

Merbau is a proven durable hardwood and one of the most popular decking timber species. It has extremely high stability when faced with changing seasonal conditions. Merbau timber is perfect for a range of uses. It is a versatile timber that can be used for outdoor decking, flooring, cladding, and furniture making. Merbau timber is known for its enticing orange golden-brown colour and contrasting sapwood in a soft yellow to ivory white, which can be lightened or darkened with oils based on user preference.

Engineered Timber

Engineered timber has many of the benefits of natural timber, plus it is durable and less expensive. It doesn’t expand or contract to the same extent as solid wood.  Engineered timber flooring is a perfect alternative to solid timber if you want your floor to mimic natural wood. Thicker engineered timber products may be sanded back and refinished to remove wear and tear. Maintaining it is as simple as wiping it with a damp cloth. It doesn’t require much upkeep, which means you’ll not have to spend more time and money on maintenance.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an affordable luxury. It mimics the stain, grain and even texture of real wood and is not as expensive as solid timber. Laminate is a top choice for homes with children and pets as it is sturdy and greatly resists scratching, indentation and general wear and tear. It is also low maintenance and can be wiped clean with a damp or dry cloth. It is installed as a floating floor and requires no adhesives or nails and is often securely joined together using joining systems such as drop-lock.

 Rubber Flooring

Often associated with commercial interiors, industrial rubber flooring can also be a sleek and smart solution for homes. Rubber is comfortable to stand on, easy to clean and durable. From a style perspective, it gives a room a hint of an industrial edge, but in warm muted tones that still create an inviting air.


Bamboo flooring is like wood flooring in many ways, but it imparts a Zen flair that can add a sense of peace to a room. And it is typically more moisture-resistant and hard-wearing than wood. If you are looking for a durable natural floor that’s sustainably grown, bamboo is a great option to consider.

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