What Are The 3 Uses Of X-Rays?   


The X-Ray was the first method of medical imaging and is still widely used today. Looking for radiology in Narellan?

Whatever the reason for your doctor’s request for an x-ray, rest assured that it is a wise option because it can swiftly and accurately detect any illness you have. And here is everything you need to know about X-rays and their uses.

What do you mean by X-ray?

X-rays also known as electromagnetic waves are a kind of radiation that helps in imaging and building pictures of the inner parts of your body in the shade of white and black.

They have higher energy and can pass through most objects. X rays move in straight lines and are attenuated by body tissues’ density and thickness.

Top 3 uses of X-Rays

Wondering the common use of X-rays? Here are some major uses

1.   Fractured Bones

X-rays are routinely requested of patients who have had a bone injury. Even if a fracture isn’t detected with an x-ray, it might still reveal important details regarding the fracture.

The scan is capable of showing whether the fracture is full or partial.

This means whether the bone is shattered into two pieces or whether the bone is broken into two sections.

Radiology Narellan also helps in showing whether the bone has moved from its original position and whether the fracture has caused the bone to shatter or break into many pieces.

2.   Urinary Tract conditions

Another typical application of x-rays is to examine the problems present in the body’s organs.

Intravenous pyelogram or IVP x-ray is a type of radiology in Narellan that includes injecting a contrast substance into the body prior to taking the x-ray to help highlight any abnormalities with the ureters, bladder and kidneys.

The contrasting substances enhance the visibility of abnormalities in x-ray images. If you have blood in your urine or unexplained lower abdomen pain, and IVP x-ray may be requested.

3.   Mammography

A mammogram is another popular x-ray application that is requested by patients who want to be examined for abnormal breast growths.

X-rays are used in mammograms to acquire images of what’s going on inside the breast.

It is used to detect abnormal growths and determine whether more testing is required.

Since 1990, mammograms have significantly reduced breast cancer-related facilities since they enable early detection.

How do you prepare for an X-Ray?

Basically different types of x-rays require different preparations. In general here are some specific instructions you should know about :

  • During the exam you need to wear a gown and may be asked to remove jewellery and accessories if any.
  • A liquid called contrast media may also be given to you before several types of X rays. You will either revive it with an injection or swallow it.

Let the X-ray see right through you!

X-rays are so crucial in medicine that they’ve made their way into popular culture, where they are seen as a common tool that anybody may use.

However, when deciding on an x-ray make sure you opt for the best doctors who hold the required qualifications along with experience.

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