What are Evil Eye Pendants and Why do You Need One?

The evil eye has long been known as a reflector of harm and evil, in the Indian subcontinent it is often used to protect one from “Nazar”. It has been a prominent symbol replicated in jewellery, house décor, and more.

Nowadays, the design of the evil eye is making a comeback and is trending again, both in India and around the world. Whether for protection purposes or aesthetics, everyone wants to have evil eye jewellery that they can wear on a regular basis. Of all the evil eye jewellery, the pendant is the most popular.

There is a strong belief in the powers of evil eye across all cultures, and there are many benefits of wearing an evil eye pendant, and here is why you should get one now!

Protection From Danger

The most widely spread belief about the evil eye pendant is its dual capabilities of providing power and protection to anyone towards whom negative energy may be directed. Usually, this person is unaware of the bad vibes coming their way so wearing an evil eye pendant can be immensely helpful.

Whether from physical entities or intangible circumstances, whatever danger your life is in, the evil eye can ward off the bad energy so that your life can become more peaceful and calmer. This will allow you to be more content and happier while maintaining prosperity in your life.

Attracts Good Vibes

The evil eye pendant you wear will definitely attract all the positive energy around you and protect you from all the negativities. The most common, blue colour has been known to radiate positivity and possess the power of good karma.

If your life feels confusing, and you feel like you aren’t making any progress in your professional life, the evil eye can shift your perspective on things towards a more positive outlook that in turn attracts more positive changes in your life.

Evil eye pendant can also improve your mental and physical health. If you are suffering from depression, or any other ailment of the mind or the body, wearing an evil eye pendant can improve your health for the better.

The Power of Colour

The growing focus on the style and aesthetic factors of the evil eye pendant has led people to choose the colour of evil eye pendant they like the best. However, for many other people, every colour of the evil eye has a specific purpose.

The most common colour that you may have seen around you is the deep blue shade. This colour is said to enhance positive energy and increase motivation and creativity. It also invites good karma and of course, protects against evil.

The second most liked colour of the evil eye pendant is light blue which is associated with personal growth and broadening horizons. There are other colours like yellow, orange, red, etc. which denote different qualities and have their own purposes.

Good Vibes and More Style: Evil Eye Pendant

Evil eye pendants have been around for many decades, but they have always been bulky and not as stylish. Which caused many people to hide them while wearing or not wearing them at all. Today, that is not the case, many brands have come up with sleek, chic, and aesthetic evil eye pendant designs that people love to flaunt.

Mia by Tanishq has many elegant yet exciting evil eye pendant designs that you can style in numerous ways. You can find them in colour, or minimalist gold designs that look stylish and sophisticated with anything you wear!

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