What are Ecommerce Integration Solutions?


Ecommerce integration solutions are types of software that integrate with your eCommerce platform to provide a seamless experience between your website and other tools. There are various solutions available today to help eCommerce business owners increase their chance of success with selling, marketing, order management, accounting and much more. Some of the most common categories of eCommerce integration solutions include:


Ecommerce integration solutions can be used to connect your website with various online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay in order to sell products there alongside on your eCommerce store. Using these integrations allows business owners to easily keep track of sales and inventory across the different channels in one centralized place.


There are various integrated SEO tools available that are designed to significantly improve the success of your eCommerce website when it comes to getting found online. Popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce offer a range of different SEO tools and integrations to choose from which allow you to track your success and understand more about how your website is performing from a user-friendly dashboard.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM or customer relationship management systems are quickly becoming one of the most popular eCommerce integration options. Using a CRM can have many benefits for your store including allowing you to track your customers throughout their journey, providing you with helpful data that you can use to improve the customer experience in the future and in turn boost your profitability.


Many eCommerce businesses need to be successfully marketed before they begin to see any orders come in. There are various types of marketing eCommerce integrations on offer, including several email marketing tools that will seamlessly connect to your eCommerce website to collect emails from your sign-up list and analyze web traffic to help you ensure that the right marketing emails are getting out to the right customers.

Point of Sale

Finally, a POS system is an essential integration for those who run both an eCommerce and a brick-and-mortar store, allowing the business to easily collect data on sales and inventory in real-time.

To run a successful eCommerce store, integrations are often needed to serve a range of different purposes.

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