Weight loss injections: effects and risks 


Obesity is one of the biggest and most widespread problems of this era. It affects health and the heart and may lead to health problems if we do not overcome them.

From here, methods of losing weight began to spread in all its forms and branches, starting from changing lifestyle and getting rid of bad habits, through diet and exercise and ending with medical aid such as Weight-loss injections, which have received wide resonance in this field.

What are the weight loss injections?

They are injectable weight-loss drugs that help your body to feel full sooner after you eat.

some of them were formally approved by FDA as a medicine to help lose excess weight, such as Victoza and Saxenda

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The active ingredient in weight loss injections:

The active ingredient in Weight-loss injections is the Liraglutide, a substance similar to a natural hormone in the body that helps to control blood sugar, and thus controls the appetite. 

This drug is sometimes used in the treatment of diabetes and controlling the blood sugar level, which makes it different from other weight-loss drugs because it has a strong vital role on the body.

The drug affects some centers in the brain causing a loss in appetite and delaying stomach emptying which makes you eating fewer quantities of food in every meal, which will lead to a decrease in the number of calories entering your body per day. By focusing on the specific root cause of slow metabolism, poor gut Geeks Health, and unexplained weight gain.

Victoza and Saxenda weight loss shots:

Victoza and Saxenda Weight-loss shots come in the form of pre-filled pens. 

They are injected with the appropriate amount of medicine once a day under the skin in the abdomen, arm, or thigh, and it is preferable to use it at a fixed time every day.

Effects and risks of weight loss injections:

Usually, the side effects of the use of the Weight-loss injections do not appear when used correctly and after consulting a doctor and under his supervision, and the real problems may come if you decide to use it yourself without consulting or getting it in non-specialized beauty centers.

Victoza and Saxenda Injections should not be injected together, because the two are similar and the same applies to diabetics who use insulin injections. 

Do not use any of these injections on children or under the age of 18 in general.

You must make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients of the Injections before using them.

If you feel any strange side effects after the injection, go to the hospital immediately or call your doctor.

 Disadvantages of the weight loss injections:

One of the disadvantages of the Weight-loss injections is the high cost, which sometimes reaches $400 per month, and with the need to continue to have the injections to get the desired results, the cost increases. But some see it as a fair price for the weight they want to lose.

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