WeGrower Alliance. Global trader in the cannabis industry


WeGrower Alliance is a global trader in the cannabis industry serving both the medical and consumer markets. Customized solutions for clients are the cornerstone of what sets WeGrower apart from competition operating on both American continents with the unstressing of its positions on the EU market. The Company is built to grow as one of the fast-growing players in the cannabis industry by combining the most strategic geographic footprint with one of the leading distribution platforms. All of the strategies are built with the goal of offering quality, affordable products to consumers.

One of the distinctive features of the WeGrower Alliance is the implementation of the full cycle from field to consumer. Working under the jurisdiction of Uruguay, the company combined the efforts of 500+ private farmers into the distributed growing community. This approach allowed to diversify a vast range of products while maintaining a high standard of quality as a demand. At this stage scaling and cooperation is more important than ever.  Each year bigger amounts of cannabis are planted by large and sophisticated growers, which will not only drive down prices but also squeeze out smaller producers who are already struggling to remain profitable under regulations.

Rooted in the fundamentals of international brand building, WeGrower has implemented a strategy to create and distribute a differentiated portfolio of brands that are aligned to distinct consumer bases. This approach allows covering different consumer segments’ expectations, meeting the consumer and patient needs. A diverse portfolio in medical usage was made possible due to the hi-tech equipment of its laboratories equipped due to QC and UHPLC standards.

Implemented strategies together with the Uruguayan government’s clear commitment to boosting the country’s cannabis industry has greatly boosted WeGrower’s development over the last few years. And with future Uruguayan goals such as making financial transactions easier for cannabis businesses, as well creating a hemp-related project and potentially also becoming an Industrial Free Trade Zone in the future, promising opportunities to double its potential in the nearest future.

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