Ways to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle


So technically a sustainable lifestyle is a term that has been floating around the social media platforms for some time now but only a few actually made clear on what it supposed to mean. It literally means living within the means to which it is basically morally and ethically right to consume or utilize the very least amount of what the resources has been made available to you so that Earth’s resources will now be depleted or used up easily.

So technically this is taking care of mother earth and at the same time taking care of yourself as well as these cuts cost of living and decreases stress levels significantly. So here is how to live sustainably in the modern age.

Go Vegan or Eat Less Meat

Go vegan but this is very hard to do because we are actually trained to eat meat and out palates are conditioned to taste meat products and the likes, but nevertheless if one does not have the commitment to go full vegan or full vegetarian, at least eat less meat to save the resources needed to raise a cow. But nevertheless, eating less meat could also mean healthier diet for one person and it surely will cut costs in terms of food.

Embrace Alterative Energy

Embrace the energy that comes from an alternative means, these includes, solar energy, wind turbines hydroelectric power, and even urine, yes you have read that right. Urine has been used by many countries to power their homes, by treating urine the electrolytes in can generate a charge and when used and treated in huge volumes it produces usable electricity.

Solar panels and solar batteries for energy storage are now easily and readily available in the market, embracing alternative energy will not be that hard, even in today’s standards. The good side of which is one can save through heavy usage of electricity by using such technology. If you’re ready to go solar, check this article to review some of the practical considerations for homeowners shopping for solar panels for the first time.

Go Digital with Purchases

Going paperless also meant that one can go one a paperless currency. The good thing with going digital with purchases is that there would be less currency that will be printed because of the less usage but more on the digital currency that will revolve around. Going paperless even with purchases also limits one’s purchases to essential needs and that is the whole heart of the movement and that is living within the means that is just right not excessive and not lacking.

Make a Garden

Make a garden if not for yourself then for your neighbour or for other people. Studies has shown that living near plants actually lessens levels of stress and increases oxygen intake which makes one look younger than those who don’t.

Thus, in making garden you can harvest the fruits and benefit from it and on the other hand you can use the produce and give it to other people who are in dire need or are lacking food. In doing such you will be hitting two birds with one stone.

Change is never an easy concept to grapple with and it surely isn’t one that is easy to embrace, but for the sake of changing for the better such as adopting a healthier lifestyle change is the only way and that is non-negotiable.

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