Water Purifier- Types And Its Buying Guide


You must have heard about drinking a high concentration of water from your elders and doctors, but have you ever wondered why you should drink a high concentration of water regularly? Water plays an important role in a human’s life as it participates in almost all body functions like removing body waste, maintaining skin elasticity, reducing aging or wrinkles issues, improving the digestion system, maintaining the circulatory system, and many others. So consume a high concentration of water daily on a regular basis so that you can maintain proper hydration inside your body and live a healthy life.

Now the question comes in how much water you should consume. And the answer to this question varies according to age, gender, physical activity and many others. For example, according to various research, a healthy adult male should drink 3-4 liters of water daily, whereas a healthy adult female should regularly drink 2.5-3.5 liters of water. However, this may vary if you perform intense physical activity.

In the above section, we have elaborated how water can benefit human health but do you know it is only possible if you drink pure and clean water? Of course, but if you are consuming contaminated water, then it becomes fatal for your health. Yes, water is a natural solvent that can dissolve almost everything in it, and this is why water becomes home to several disease-causing agents, and drinking this may harm your health badly.

Every year more than 3.4 million people lose their lives due to drinking contaminated water globally, so it becomes crucial to consume a high concentration of pure and healthy water all the time you wish to drink water. And this is only possible when you buy the best water purifier for your house.

Although there are various water purification systems in the market, not all are as good as a water purifier. A water purifier is one of the advances of the modern water purification system, which can eliminate all kinds of contamination present in the water, so if you are worried about your drinking water quality, you must look for the installation of the water purifier system. Below we have elaborated the water purifier and technology used in the water purifier in detail along with its buying guide, so don’t skip and read it completely and enjoy clean & clear water at your home.

Water Purifier And Its Technology

As we have discussed in the previous section, a water purifier is one of the effective ways to eliminate contamination from the water, and a water purifier uses various kinds of water purification technology, and here we will discuss all the water purifiers technology in details so keep ionised alkaline water reading this

RO Technology

Here RO stands for reverse osmosis. A water purifier based on reverse osmosis technology is widely used as this form of water purifier can eliminate all kinds of contamination present in water, but it is widely used in those areas where TDS contamination is high. This is because a water purifier based on reverse osmosis technology eliminates about 98% of TDS from the water.

A semipermeable membrane is used in an RO technology-based water purification system, which has several tiny pores, and these tiny pores don’t allow any things to pass through it except water molecules. The pores are very small so that even human hair can’t be passed through it, so it brings nearly 100% clean and clear water for drinking.

UV Technology

UV is referred to as Ultraviolet. A water purifier based on UV technology used to treat water having high microbial contamination in water. This water purifier is not suitable for eliminating other contaminants from water expert microbes, so if your regular used water contains a high concentration of microbes, then UV technology-based water purifier is best for you.  

This water purifier uses UV rays, eliminating the bulb. The UV rays have high penetration powder, which penetrates the microbial cell wall and destroys the genetic material of the microbes in water. As a result, microbes lose their ability to multiply and grow; thus, water becomes free from microbial contaminants. Thus this water purifier is widely used in those areas where the microbial contaminant is high compared to another contaminant.

UF Technology

UF, i.eUltrafiltration, is also a widely used water purifier in India. A water purifier based on this technology is used to eliminate total dissolved salts present in water. A Doctor Fresh UF water purifier is similar to a RO water purifier but has one significant difference, and that is a UF water purifier eliminates slightly higher sized molecules from the water.  

Factor To Consider While Buying Water Purifier- Buying Guide

If you are all set to buy a water purifier for your home, you should consider some of the factors while buying a water purifier for your home. Below we have elaborated all the details to purchase the best water purifier for your home. So let’s discuss buying guide

Water Technology- In the above section, we have discussed those technologies mainly incorporated in a water purifier. So you can look for these water purification technologies according to your regular use water quality

Post-Sale Services- This is crucial as most service providers fail to keep their promises after-sales. So you need to be clear about these services so that you can enjoy the best and mind-blowing deal.

Cost- All the water purifiers available in the market are good enough to eliminate the contamination present in the water so fix your budget and then try to get the best under that price. You can also know about Waterdrop water filter system.


A water purifier is one of the best and effective methods to get clean, clear, and healthy water for consumption irrespective of the water source. Unfortunately, most people in India end up buying the wrong product for their house, but if you have read this article completely, you can now get the best deal on water purifiers. So if you haven’t read this article completely carefully, then we will recommend you to please read it again without skipping so that you can enjoy the best deal on water purifiers.

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