Water Heater Maintenance and Repairs


The mornings are getting colder, and it is harder and harder to get out of bed. At least you can rely on that lovely hot shower to wake you up though right? Oh no, there is no hot water! Do you need to get a new gas hot water system Perth? Well possibly but there are a few things you can check first, or you can call in the experts to do some investigating and maintenance for you. Here are some common issues it might be and when to call in the experts!

Tips for troubleshooting issues with your electric water heating system

The kind of things you can look for and do when troubleshooting depends a little on whether you have an electric system or a gas system. For electric you can;

  • Check for water and leaks around the water heater. Be sure not to touch it or step in it. If there is water turn off your breakers so there is no power and calling emergency plumbing experts for hot water repairs Perth.
  • If there is no water evidence on the outside you should also look inside the control panel. If you see water, leave the panel open and call in for a professional’s opinion. 
  • If you find it is dry check the fuse box or circuit breakers to make sure they have not flipped. If they are fine press the reset button in the control panel. This should restore the power.
  • If you still have not got hot water you need to call in a plumber to take a closer look.

Tips for troubleshooting issues with your gas water heating system

Electricity is more convenient as a means of heating your water, everyone gets it. But some can also have gas and it tends to be a bit more affordable in terms of bills, but there is also a bit more danger. If you have no hot water you should;

  1. Check to see if the gas is on.
  2. If there is gas, look at the pilot light and see if that has just gone out. Just turn the gas knob to the pilot setting and take off the metal plate to see if it is still lit. 
  3. If the pilot light is out, light it if you know how. If you are not familiar with the process though call in and wait for a professional plumber who has experience with gas hot water system Perth.
  4. It is not a good idea to mess around with flames and gas if you do not know what you are doing.
    If the pilot light is out you need to turn the gas valve off first and ventilate the area in case gas has had time to build up as that could cause an explosion!

The importance of maintenance and repairs

Whatever type of system you have, over time it is natural for maintenance and repairs to be required. Minerals and deposits build-up, things corrode or wear down and so on. Typically water heaters have a lifespan of anywhere between 10 years to 25 years depending on the system and how well it is looked after. If you want to avoid the more expensive option of a replacement, you need to invest in paying for a licensed plumber to come and check things out at least once a year and perform hot water repairs Perth.

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