Want To Level Up Your Fashion Options? Read This!


Most people stick to their favorite color every time they choose an outfit. This makes them look stagnant and doesn’t give an outstanding look to our overall attire.

Looking fashionable and stylish doesn’t mean that you have to wear trendy and expensive clothes every time. Sometimes, it is all about being creative with your outfit, whether it is casual or business attire. Play with proportions, colors, sizes, and styles of accessories for a change and see how that levels up your overall attire.

Below are some tips you can do in order to level up your style options.

Experiment With Graphic Tees

Popular clothing stores offer a vast collection of graphic tees that you can choose from such as Steven Rhodes, anime shirts, retro style printed shirts and other cool graphic t-shirts. Graphic tees are an all-season wear, and it goes with all types of clothes. You can wear them with a blazer, jeans or even shorts. Therefore, if you want to have a piece of clothing that can go with all your casual wear, get yourself a set of graphic tees today.

Pick Outfit With Color Coordination

Rather than taking someone else’s advice, you must choose your own style and have innovative ideas for your outfit. Select your accessories and clothes according to your skin tones and body type. No one knows your expectations and desire for clothes other than you. Therefore, you must always opt for an outfit which will look stunning on you.

Pick any one or two shades for creating your outfit’s base. Colors like mint blue, off-white, grey, matte brown, or black will prove to be the perfect base colors for your outfit. For a classic look, you can add vintage accessories to your clothes accompanied by light makeup. Choose your shoes and sandals according to your outfit, but they should be of a slightly different shade.

Explore Fabrics And Textures

Fill your wardrobe with a bunch of clothes with soft fabric. A good quality fabric provides comfort to you. Do try ribbed knit, silk, or leather fabric clothes, as it will give you a super chic look. To present a bold look, you can explore different color shades and try mixing those shades with different textures.

Play With Colors

Do not fear that a particular type of color will look too much on you. You need to wear it first before coming to any conclusion. Pick neon and bright pastels alternatively for your attire to make your fashion look more inclusive rather than restricting yourself to certain colors.

Match Your Clothes

Some people might think that matching the color of your dress looks funny and is an old-fashioned way to dress. Nevertheless, a lot of fashion tycoons prefer to wear matching outfits. This type of fashion will give symmetry to your look and will also ensure that you stand out in the crowd.

Try Different Lenses

Sunglasses are known to highlight different aspects of attire. Moreover, it can also enhance the look of your face. Own several pairs of glasses so that you can swap them with different outfits for different occasions. If your look lacks compassion, and you want to have a well-defined look, then buy yourself a lilac pair of sunglasses. Try different shades of lenses and frames, which suit your face type and also the kind of personality you have.

Monochromatic Look Is Cool

buying a Chanel bag online, simple! Moreover, if you wear a dress and add accessories of the same color you won’t have to waste your time in choosing the right color of accessories to match your outfit, simple! Moreover, if you wear a dress and add accessories of the same color you won’t have to waste your time in choosing the right color of accessories to match your outfit.

Layers Are Bold

Adding layers to your clothes will make your look more vibrant, and it will also give you an opportunity to blend multiple formal attire of different colors in your wardrobe. This style of fashion will work best in the winter season or if you are visiting a cold place. These layered clothes give you a bold look. You can try combinations like jackets over shirts.

Swap Your Footwears Occasionally

Footwear can also play a major role in defining your fashion; therefore, you need to choose your footwear very cautiously. Here are some guide to the best womens boots that make you feel confident in wearing them. However, you can also choose to play with your footwear by trying different types of clothes and see how it looks together. If it looks good, congratulations, you have found an iconic pair for yourself.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways you can level up your fashion options. However, creating your style all boils down to what’s comfortable for you. You can’t wear clothes or accessories that won’t make you feel confident in wearing them. It has to be based on your personality and comfortability.

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